Sunday, December 24, 2006

H ho ho...

Hope everyone has a great Christmas, or whatever festival of excess is your choice. Off to do vast amounts some last minute preparations so that tomorrow I just have to assemble and cook the things that really need done at the last moment. I mean, just how many people really want a roastie reheated in the microwave? (Delia'd be turning in her grave - specially as she isn't dead, come to think of it....)

Well, on that cheery note, have a good one, lets hope less of the world goes to Hell in a handbasket in 2007



Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And further more...

...I have decided that I am not doing things that make me feel like c*** just to make others feel good, particularly when the 'others' are generally people that I don't have much to do with.

For example, Christmas cards. I love getting these from friends and family who live far away, especially those whom I get to see only rarely. I love getting the 'year-in-review- letter, although some folk don't ( as evidenced by the discussion on the Rowan forum recently...). What I don't like is the giving and receiving of cards in the workplace. I don't see these people from one week to the next. I doubt very much that they care whether I live or die. So this year I am not giving workplace cards.

For example, the second - Secret Santa. When it comes to doing this with my yarny friends, I really enjoy it. I know that care, consideration and good wishes go into each parcel selected. I love it. Secret Santa at work - Cha toil leam SS, idir, idir, IDIR!!!!!! Every single year I get the chocolate raisin-cr*****g reindeer, the blow up French maid's outfit yada, yada. Every year I spend time and money making sure I have brought a present that 99.95 of people will enjoy - ie good quality chocolate or alcohol. What makes it worse is that I have to plaster a smile on my face and pretend to be delighted that I feel screwed over - yet again. So, why was I doing this? Was it for my pleasure? No. So, I decided that rather than feel stresed and grumpy about the whole thing, I would be sensible and opt out. And that is what I have done. And I feel much happier, too.

I decided that I still wanted to give some of the people at work a small gift - because I LIKE them. Not because I HAD TO DO IT! So, I made up some small parcels of tablet when I made the last batch for the family.

And guess what? I am left feeling full of Christmas cheer, instead of like Scrooge. :0)


SP and FO

Look what Postman Pat left for me today: photot of various goodies sent by Secret Pal, including yarn, chocolate and toy mouse Given the postal mayhem that happens at this time of year, I wasn't expecting anything to arrive before the New Year - what a lovely surprise, especially as I am off work unwell - again! But enough of that just now.

One of the great things about Hershey bars is that both Mr and Master India loathe peanut butter with every fibre of their being - so I can take my time and savour each and every square. Fortunately, they don't like yarn either, so I can savour all of that fibrey-gorgeousnous, too.

So, we have some C*eye*ber fibre sock yarn, which I am knitting up all ready. Talk about perfect timing, I had just finished the socks which you'll see below. This new yarn being green, I decided to go for the obvious and am knitting the Embossed LEaves socks form Interweave Knits (Winter 05, I think). There are 3 balls of soysilk - I think that'll turn into a scsrf, but I'm not sure. This is the second lot of soy yarn I've received via SP, and it's really growing on me. The colourway is perfect, too. What else was in this bundle? Well, amongst the other goodies you will spot Sweater Design in Plain English, which I had first seen courtesy of Kathleen a few months ago and had put on my Amazon Wish List. There is such a cute mouse - he'll be living on top of the pc monitor - I figure it's the only way to keep the cats away from him. Lots of other bit's'bobs aimed at sheer bliss and relaxation will also be put to very good use - so a HUGE thank you to SP9 - I feel thoroughly spoiled.

I have finished a couple of things lately - the only problem with finishing, though,is that some blocking needs doing. This is the scarf that I knitted for my mum's Christmas. I've been trying to convince myself for some time that blocking was an irrelevancy, but I finally gave in - witnessed by this soggy heap in the bathroom. It only sat there overnight, and it is now pinned out in my bedroom. I also finished these socks - which are definitely NOT being blocked.

Saturday and Sunday nights were spent in A&E following incidents of tachycardia nd arrythmia. I wonder if this is related to coming off the propranolol which was being used for migraine prevention. However, I reduced the dose by 10mg a week over lots of weeks, so I am not sure. In the meantime, while I wait for a cardiology referal, I'm back on the propranolol.

This year has not been as good as it could be, but a heck of a lot better than it might have been. So, I'm counting my good fortune, and hoping for an even 'better' year in 2007.

Hope y'all have a great festive season, India

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

No fuzzy little head to shower with kisses....

Having had the lack of success confirmed, this is what is uppermost in my mind at the moment. No little fingers poking out of a blanket, no little eyes trying to focus, no nappies snapping in the breeze....better go before my keyboard is awash. India


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ask me how I know this?

Thae even when I am trying to be frugal and cut out food waste, using sweetened soya milk in a cheese sauce is not a good idea...

Moving swiftly along, the present production line is working away. Mr India gets the supplies, I make the goodies and package them. Mr India then packs the boxes and does the posting. I made two lots of tablet last night and there is a gingerbread cooking in the oven as we speak. After my knitting meet up this afternoon I will make gingerbread number two. This gives me enough for 3 lots of presents for the in-laws. I don't kow how they will react, but my friend from school was delighted. In fact, she was having a hard time not eating all the gingerbread before the kids came home from school Now that's what I like to hear. I will take a pic of the gingerbread and post it later. The recipe is from one of Nigella Lawson's books. It is the chocolate gingerbread recipe. I don't put the choc chips in, but I do add the 40g of cocoa. If you love gingerbread, then this recipe is a must.

This morning we could not find the special food bags that I had bought to put the tablet and gingerbread in. We hunted everywhere (erm, well nearly everywhere). I finally gave up and got in the car to drive to Glasgow. Believe me, the thought of driving through the lashing rain, struggling to get a parking space and then fighting may way through the crowds was not appealling. When I was able to pull over in to a parking space to listen to my voice mail on the 'phone, I was delighted to discover that the bags had been found. Especially as I was very close to home still.

So, where were the bags? In the one place I told Mr I not to look, because I KNEW they weren't there. Well, where else would they be?

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Did the good wishes work?

Sadly, I think I am going to have to answer in the negative. However, on a positive note I have to say that the good wishes did what I hoped they would - they helped to make a difficult time just a little bit easier.

So, what was it all in aid of? Well, dear reader, I shall finally tell all - in just a moment. Some information is too personal for blogging, and this certainly fell into that category. But now that all is done, I feel that it is ok to tell - in fact it will be a bit of a relief.

I am doubly fortunate in that not only am I a mother, but that I am the mother of a wonderful boy. I wouldn't be without Master India, not for anything. That hasn't stopped us hoping for another child. Sadly, this is not to be. It is more sad for Mr India, because he did not have the joys of bringing up a child from infancy. But my heart is still bruised, even though I am aware of all my good fortune.

One of the most difficult things has been that there is no reason that can be found. I endured numerous unpleasant and often very painful procedures, Mr I had his own 'contribution' (!)to make, to no avail.

What I can say to anyone else experiencing infertility is don't leave it too late - the mills of the NHS grind exceedlingly slow. It is 3 1/2 years since we set out to find out if there was a problem. If the clock is ticking, this matters a lot.

Our final option was IUI. THis is just like having IVF, except that the ovarian stimulation doesn't end with egg harvesting, but with insemination - lovely, eh? What it does mean is that I have had an induced menopause for the last four months, and that wasn't funny. My whole life has been ruled by a rigid timetable of injecting, snorting and....well, I think I'll leave that bit out. Suffice to say, life here has not been so good. Mr India has been a star - although I am surprised I din't murder him on one occasion. I had missed a dose of one of the medications, and his response was that he '...wished I would take it all more seriously!'.......... I'm sure I shall forgive him for that comment. In time.....

The last treatment (you get 3 cycles on the NHS) was last week. I am not due to take a test until a week today, but I don't feel pregnant, there are none of the symptoms that I had with my first pregnancy.

At the moment I am ok. Please don't tell me to count my blessings - I am doing that every day. Doesn't stop the heartache, though.


Wake up and smell the cordite

I don't care what 'celebrities' do. I hate (un)reality tv. I realise that some people enjoy watching these things - not that I have ever understood how so many intelligent people can enjoy such utter c***. But what really gives me the pip is the media frenzy surrounding very aspect of the lives of these inane people. Thousand of people are being murdered in Irag, Darfur - what do we get on the fron of some 'newspapers' - a picture of celebrity cleavage in a push up bra.

Our knitting meet-up was sent a message asking if we wanted to supply the vox pop for some running commentary on the next 'I'm an a****** get me out of here.' Here's the link if you are interested X

As I said on the message board, we cannot change the world by refusing to smile because bad things are happening, but I'll tell you one thing - I am not giving my time to this nonsense. The rest of the group might think that it is a great thing to do, and I respect their right to choose to do so. I will be going along, becasue I don't expect my social life to change for this - but I will not contribute and I will not be filmed.

On the plus side, it is making me realise I have to get off my ass and contribute some of my time to some charity work - probably the Dulaan project. See y'all later.


Monday, December 04, 2006


got my buttons back!

How did I do it? Well, according to BLogger, MAac users are having a problem with some browsers, so it was suggested that they use Firefox. I'm on a pc, but decided to try that anyway. As you can see, it workded.Whew!

Here is a photo' of the spinilicious fibre that Mhairi gave me at last weeks meet up at The Tramway.

Also, a big thank you to my SP9 who sent me an e-card. Aren't these things great?

I am making some gingerbread and tablet today. This year I am giving the gift of time, and making some great eatbale treats for family. Mr INdia is a bit worried that some people won't 'Get the point.' Personally, that doesn't bother me. I know that I am making food with great ingredients, most of which are organic, and spending my precious time. I am sure that 9 out of 10 cats will agree that this has got to mean a lot. Off to get that tablet on the go, and in the box.

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anyone having problems with picture uploading?

Hi all the icons that allow italics, posting pics etc have disappeared - has anyone else had this problem?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

As the West Coast knitteratti know, I'm not one for gifting my knitting. No-one else really appreciated the time, the effort, the love, the careful selection of yarn, the altered state of reality experienced when yarn and pattern are in perfect harmony. And I'm just plaiin selfish.

So I really must be a bit unwell at the moment. Here is evidence of TWO gifts. Things FOR OTHERS. Not.Me.

Hold that - blogger isn't allowing me to upload pics. FIne excuse, I hear you mutter - but it's true, I'm tellin' y'all.

And I was going to show you the purpley loveliness of the mohair fibre that Mhairi gave me...oh well, off to sulk now. Nothing worse than trying to show off one's largesse share my knitting and not being able to get the credit show the pics.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Stop Press

At 1.25pm on Friday, 1st December The.Sun.Shone.In.Glasgow.