Friday, December 08, 2006

Wake up and smell the cordite

I don't care what 'celebrities' do. I hate (un)reality tv. I realise that some people enjoy watching these things - not that I have ever understood how so many intelligent people can enjoy such utter c***. But what really gives me the pip is the media frenzy surrounding very aspect of the lives of these inane people. Thousand of people are being murdered in Irag, Darfur - what do we get on the fron of some 'newspapers' - a picture of celebrity cleavage in a push up bra.

Our knitting meet-up was sent a message asking if we wanted to supply the vox pop for some running commentary on the next 'I'm an a****** get me out of here.' Here's the link if you are interested X

As I said on the message board, we cannot change the world by refusing to smile because bad things are happening, but I'll tell you one thing - I am not giving my time to this nonsense. The rest of the group might think that it is a great thing to do, and I respect their right to choose to do so. I will be going along, becasue I don't expect my social life to change for this - but I will not contribute and I will not be filmed.

On the plus side, it is making me realise I have to get off my ass and contribute some of my time to some charity work - probably the Dulaan project. See y'all later.



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