Saturday, November 25, 2006

I should cocoa...


Doc: Nurse, I don't know if we're gonna be able to save her
Nurse: Bp's falling, tachycardia increasing. Knitters Coma Scale......oh, my - it's at three broken DPNS...
Doc:Get the stash team - NOW! Rapid Response!!!
Nurse:I think her dye lot's out.....
Doc: Don't give up so easy - get that acrylic s*** away from her. Quickly, put some alpaca into her hands - it's all we can do till the Stash team gets here.look, they're here, and what's that....? Thanks be to Higher Knit - they've got it.
Sister Stash: Here it is - 5 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed - shade 143 Cocoa!
Nurse: She's stabilising. Look - back up to 2 Addi Turbos already.
Doc: Great work Stash Team - how'd you do it.
Sister Stash - well, it was a close call, but word got out - Twelfthknit's vitals began to drop yesterday, when she realised that (hushed whisper)...she hadn't enough yarn to finish the project... we knew it was going to be fatal when lot number 153 was all that JL had available....
Nurse: you mean...
Sister stash - yep, I do, the shade also known as 'Chocolate Flavoured...'
NUrse: And you know Twelfthknit - these poor imitations just won't do!
Doc: So, who came to her rescue?
Sister Stash: Get Knitted - who else?



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