Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rose and vanilla cupcakes.....

... I can taste them now. There I was, wondering around Grassroots when this little pot caught my eye. Course, they may only be decorative, I may need to add some rose essence.But boy oh boy, I love the idea of vanilla buttercream and the elusive hint of something floral in the cake. If when I get the assignment done, this is going to be a culinary treat.

I have an auditory treat lined up, although I am sure my mum wouldn't see it that way - Meatloaf. Yeehah! Performing in Glasgow in MAy - how will I wait that long....?

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Blogger yvette said...

Hurry and finish your assignment, I want to see photos of cake with rose petals.

8:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds so good. I just saw the film 'Like Water for Chocolate' and they make a quail dish with rose petals... Now I'm really intrigued with cooking with rose petals. Please show us a picture when it's done!
Your SP9 Pal

9:28 pm  

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