Friday, October 13, 2006


I was interested by what Akrylic said on her blog about feminism, particularly the bit about ' Mrs'

Any of you fellow gaelic-learning sufferers will understand why her use of 'the genitive' had me running for the hill ;0) When I recovered myself, I considered the reasons behind the taking of Mr India's name, given that I am so, erm, independent (or just plain cussed).

When I was very young and very stupid, I married husband number one. Well, to be fair, maybe the marrying him wasn't stupid, but the staying with him was . Anyway, being an unliberated kind of gal, I took his name. Along came by darling son. When I finallyleft his father, we both kept the name, probably out of habit. When Master India was old enough we discussed the merits of a name change but elected to keep what we had.

My first instinct when I remarried was not to change my name. But then I thought about it - if I had kept the name of a real jerk, surely it would be a huge insult not to take Mr India's name? In the end, I decided to compromise. It wasn't down to Mr I, it was my decision. I kept the first name, as it is a link to my son (not his dad) and then I added Mr I's name to it.

I guess that is what I like about feminism - I can make all of my own choices. They din't have to make sense to anyone else. Most of the time, they don't even have to make sense to me.



Anonymous Isobel said...

That makes perfect sense. I like the fact that I have a choice in the matter, and if I get marrid I will probably take my partner's surname - I feel much closer to him and his family than I ever have to my dad's family, so it seems logical for me to do that. Having the choice is the key.

3:56 pm  
Blogger Artis-Anne said...

I totally agree with re the name thing I too was in the same situation and thought I would never again take on a mans name but in theend, like yourself I choose to take my beloved's name for much the same reason and I am proud of it . Its all about having the RIGHT to choose isn't it ?

6:15 pm  

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