Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Profound thoughts

They don't come to me very often, but every now and again I strike gold.

There I am , in a messy heap reminiscent of road kill, draped elegantly on the sofa, mountain of useless 'cold cures' piled up beside me, contemplating the weekend. Mr India's mother is giving us what some would call a long overdue visit.

Now, you will be amazed to know that keeping every surface dust-free is not the highest priority in my life. No, really, it's not. While I do maintain much more than the minimum level of hygiene, I am a bit slapdash. Mr India is better, but a bit snowed under at work these days.

What, I pondered, if Mum-of-Mr India has one of those 'Hmm, can't eat my dinner off that floor' moments.

That, gentle reader is when it struck me like a bolt from the blue. My inspiration, my moment of clarity, even, dare I sayit - ENLIGHTENMENT.

THAT is what PLATES are for!! Genius, eh?

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