Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Listen to the voices in your head...

But only if they relate to your knitting.

There I was , happily knitting away on this: BUt when I got to the short rows to shape the top of the front, this little voice in my head was saying 'Wrap the stitches. Wrap the stitches.' But I ignored that voice. told it to shut up, I was following the pattern, thank you very much. It didn't say to wrap anything, never mind the stitches. So of course, when the time came to pick up the stitches to knit the bodice, there they were - holes, all over the place. That frog pond sure was cold and lonely (except for the voice of course, sniggering and whispering 'Told ya!").

Next, I've ripped out, re-knit and am up to the shaping for the armhole. And I'm a-thinking 'This doesn't look right.' Have a quick check of the pattern, keep going. Finish both sides. Still thinking it doesn't look right, but the voice has a plaster (Band Aid) over its mouth, so all I can hear is a vague mumble in my head. Finish both sides, try to set the sleeve in and guess what? It still didn't look right. Thought about it some more and I reckon that I started the shaping at the wrong side.

I have now made a big, BIG pledge to myself. When I start hearing the voices, start getting the 'Oh s*** feeling, I'm gonna step away from the knitting. And keep away until I've figured out what the problem is....

I also have evidence of an FO. For your delectation, we have :Tithe. Da dah!

Knitty gritty:
Pattern from Noro Unlimited
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, colourway 87
Size: Small
Needles: Bammboo circs, size 5mm
The fronts and back are reverse stocking stitch, the sleeves regular stocking stitch.
Do I like it?
That's right, I.Don't Like.It. I LOVE IT!!!
Lots of folk, even non-knitterly strangers in coffee shops, have been complimenting me on this little beauty.To be honest, it is one of the few patterns that I like from this book. In future I am going to have more confidence in myself as a knitter and refuse to buy something for ONE pattern. Surely I am capable of designing my own garment by this time? I really felt that the designer had let the side down. It wasn't that the patterns were too simple, it was that they look unfinished, as if not a lot of care and attention went into them.Disappointing. Ho hum.

Been working on the assignment today. Think I may achieve some major progress soon. Mr India reckons I will. He has identified several stages in the assignment-writing rpocess. You know the ones he means - the 'Don't talk to me about it, I have too much oven cleaning to do.' or the well known 'Of course I need to go to Outer MOngolia for 3 weeks, with no books, mobile, internet connection.' phase. Not to mention that much-loved and misunderstood stage - 'Assignment? What assignment?'. So I am apparently close to 'The end is nigh' phase. He means the damn essay. I mean myself.

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Blogger Poshyarns said...

Oh the Noro is gorgeous, I haven't seen this book yet but do have some Silk Garden sitting around just waiting (well actually it is waiting to be ripped first as it is currently part of a project that was sent to die slowly at the bottom of that basket). Those colours are brilliant. How many balls did it take?

2:47 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

Oh I just love that sweater! You have to get a shot of you wearing it! Such happy colors for the kind of dreary fall!

3:32 pm  
Blogger scarybez said...

I recognise those stages of assignment writing well... only problem is that I've been at the 'too much oven cleaning' stage for the past two years.

Thanks for the cupcake advice. Book is now purchased. Looks fab!

5:33 pm  
Anonymous Mhairi said...

The Noro looks fab - I really love the colours. I know what you mean about the patterns in some of the Noro books, there's only a hat or scarf I might do or the odd sweater.
Perhaps the publishers should set up a website and let you choose which patterns to have in a book!!
As fo the assignment - Go for it!

9:40 pm  
Blogger yvette said...

Hope you you are keeping well and get your assignment finished soon, your Noro cardie is gorgeous, take care.

12:07 pm  
Blogger katie said...

fabulous cardigan! I love Noro silk garden - I made the clapotis from Knitty in the same colour - very luxurious - you've made me want to try something else in Noro!

11:09 pm  

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