Thursday, November 30, 2006

For whom the wind blows...

Man, it's blowing a gale here - again. I am off work at the mmoment following some hospital treatment and I don't think I have ever been so glad to be in the house. Poor Mr India, despite being very unwell, has struggled into work to give a lecture. I sure hope his students appreciate the time and effort that he puts in for them.

I, meanwhile, as well as recuperating, am doing some reading for my never-ending post grad thingy. And working on my Gaelic course, which is currently busting my a**. Mainly because I do not have the time to devote to it that I need. Gonna have to try to reschedule things. I think I can squeeze in an extra coupla hours between midnight and 1.00am - that should do the trick

There has been some knitting - look In fact, this is actually evidence of three hats. The first was a little Noro number, the same as the braided on e at the bottom. HAd it a week and lost it. HAt number 2 is at the top - a cheap little number made from Twilleys Freedom Spirit, held double. That was ok until I lost the second ball before I could finish the hat.... Enter hat the third. Compeleted here- NOt such a good pic, but you get the idea. The knitting on the right is Sorrel from the current Rowan magazine. It started out in life as Myrna but I was having some problems and just gave up the ghost. My concentration is so bad at the moment (evidenced by the losing of things) that I can't be bothered if I can't fix things easily. Having said that,Sorrel has been up and down like the London Stock Exchange.

Hope all our North American knitting folk have had a good Thanksgiving, whether it was celebrated in October or November. Roll on Christmas.



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