Sunday, December 03, 2006

As the West Coast knitteratti know, I'm not one for gifting my knitting. No-one else really appreciated the time, the effort, the love, the careful selection of yarn, the altered state of reality experienced when yarn and pattern are in perfect harmony. And I'm just plaiin selfish.

So I really must be a bit unwell at the moment. Here is evidence of TWO gifts. Things FOR OTHERS. Not.Me.

Hold that - blogger isn't allowing me to upload pics. FIne excuse, I hear you mutter - but it's true, I'm tellin' y'all.

And I was going to show you the purpley loveliness of the mohair fibre that Mhairi gave me...oh well, off to sulk now. Nothing worse than trying to show off one's largesse share my knitting and not being able to get the credit show the pics.



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