Thursday, July 20, 2006

This isn't just jam....

...this is hands cut to shreds by the thorns, sweat dripping in the eyes, attacked by wasps, slaved over the cooker on the hottest day of the year, dropped heavy glass jars on the toes, jam.

pan of gooseberry jam boiling up on the cooker top And very fine jam it is, too. This is the gooseberry, made from berries aquired from Gordon and Juliet, along with some fine Shetland cross fleece, which has converted me to preparing raw fleece - but not to put in jam pots, which could so easily have happened in the preserving frenzy.In addition to the gooseberry came grawberry, raspberry, strawberry conserve (yup, a bit different from jam) and gooseberry chutney). Tomorrow I am going to make banana chutney.

This is what I have been doing for a lot of the week spinning wheel with red fibre , in the garden - spinning in the dappled shade in the garden. On Tuesday I had the pleasure of Mhairs's company as I taught her to spin. Yesterday evening was spent in the company of friends, and today we popped over to The Hill House , which for those of you who don't know, was designed by Rennie Mackintosh and his wife, Margaret. Well worth it, even though it was the third (maybe fourth) time for me. Oh, and it has a great tea room :0)

Like most of the UK, I have been melting in the heat, but as I haven't been at work, it hasn't been too bad. Have to say that I am glad that our main accomodation is not in the attic. because I truly think that we would have ended up with heat stroke - although Mr India has been systematically putting insulation dowm under the floorboards in the attic, there is no insulation to speak of under the tiles, so the sun turned the place into an oven.

Tomorrow, I think the party is over - I have the Gaelic assignment in, but unfortunately my post-grad thing awaits. Still, I have a fortnight in the islands to look forward to - Mull, Iona and Skye. So, things will be a tad quiet on the blogging front - I don't imagine I can persaude my mum to update the blog for me while she is house sitting. But maybe I can persuade her to do a bit of housework. What doyou think?

In the meantime, I'm off to do a spot of knitting. Tioraidh.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

That's all folks


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sing with me , folks!

#Oh happy day!

Thank you not-so-Secret-Pal What can I say - parcel number two arrived safe and sound today. I'd been getting a little anxious - I am easily was confused about sending and packages and such (that doesn't make sense, but trust me know what I mean). I had thought that there was a sad, lonely package somewhere, abducted by aliens, or worse, someone who didn't appreciate the fibre arts ( hard to imagine, isn't it?). But I need not have worried - as you can see :0) This truly awful pic is of a truly awesome package. Can you see it ? "Inspired Cable Knits". I so nearly bought it at Woolfest - I kept picking it up, but something other than lack of cash kept making me put it back. Yeehah! There's such a cure key-ring in the form of a mini sock blocker, chocolate (yum), Socks that Rock - always wanted to try it, DPN case ( which has it's outside facing, 'cos the material is so cool) and a lovely card. Can you tell that I am still excited?

By the way, not-so-secret pal - what is salt water taffy?

This also arrived today, and it is Elaine's fault. She received it from her Secret Pal and then wickedly brought it along to a knit along. So, it's poppyseed, lavender and honey cupcakes tonight. When I have completed my Gaelic assignment. When I have put my Gimme your Stuff package together. When I have packed my Secret Pal package. When I have tied the darn house....

So, with no more ado, I'm off - thanks again, not-so-SP!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Was it worth it....?

Was it worth missing a day of my fibre craft retreat at Alston Hall for a wedding ? You know, some people might think not. And those who know me even vaguely well know how seriously I take my hobbies. But sometimes. just sometimes, there are indeed more important things than knitting and spinning...

When Mr India and I married a few years ago at Fasque House , Matthew did a fine job of a reading for us. Peter, however, still felt compelled to lay down the gauntlet. Anyone who married after us had to at least equal the venue. I am sure that you will agree that A House for an Art Lover lived up to that challenge. Ande here, with the grooms permission, is a photo of the happy couple - isn't Ella a beautiful bride ? wedding party - MAtthew, Ella, best man, best woman

back view of India (!) holding up petro-blue feather and fan KSH wrap, dressed up for Matthew and Ella's wedding Amazingly I did manage to get River Feather & Fan ( just don't go there, ok?) for the big event, but suffice to say it was a very close thing. I shudder to think about those two dropped stitches that survived the blocking process, but this is KSH we are talking about - the yarn equivalent of Superglue

I know that I am still due an update in Woolfest - it is coming, promise. In the meantime, though I'd show you how well the car coordinates with the knitting. And believe me, despite the inaccuracies of the colour reproduction, the car matches the KSH exactly. Well, why else would we have bought the car....?  India and KSH wrap against paintwork of petrol blue car - it's a match, man

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fabric quest

Here I am , awaiting the Miss Twiss pattern with trepidation. I bought some lovely material in a sale today -2 yds for £4.00. Can't go wrong. And now, even if I do, I won't cry as much. I'm off to Alston HAll this weekend, before going to the wedding on Sunday (finished the KSH wrap, whew!). My mum & dad are house sitting, dear son is most unhappy about that! More Woolfest pics when I come back - the real thang, not like naughty Purlpower......

But, in the meantime, anyone have any links to good uk fabric suppliers....?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

SAy hello , wave goodbye... 'Wave'(Ammendment - of course I meant 'Wave goodbye to River, not Wave....) What is it about me that I cannot cope with what has to he the easiest lace pattern in the world, bar n one ? You guys know me well enough by now to know that the occasional hiccup don't bother me, not in the slightest, nope. However, Wave was supposed to be coming to a wedding with me. Wave was beginning to look more like white water. Nothing for it - it went to the frog pond, which seemed fitting given the name. Now I AM working on the easiest pattern in the world, bar none - feather and fan. Now I am just under a huge teensy bit of time pressure. The wedding isn't until Sunday, but I will be at a fibre-retreat from Friday - has to be blocked and ready by Thursday evening....

Turns out that I took a few less pics than intended - due to being overwhelmed, perchance? Anyway, here is a small selection from my small selection two long elegant felted dresses - one in white with red 'petals' scattered on it, the other red Aren't these dresses just gorgeous? There were quite a few stalls selling fibre-based articles, which was nice. Sadly, one or two stalls did have lovely things to sell, but they need to jazz their stalls up a bit - given the colour all around, one or two of the more 'muted' stalls didn't cut the mustard for me - they looked drab, which equals poor quality in my book - which they weren't. I don't mean that they garments/bags etc should be jazzed up - sometimes muted is good - but - how to get the customers to stop, that's the sign saying Baa Food For the peckish, there was food available at THe Shepherd Hotel. Want my advice - don't bother , it was inedible. TO the point of being returned untouched and not paid for. And that's areal shame. We stayed there the Friday night - the room was great (newly refurbished with an anazing shower) and the staff friendly. What the heck are they dooing in that kitchen?

So, blogger is doing its usual and won't let me upload any more pics - so, until the next installment, pick up those pinty sticks and cast on, as Brenda Dayne would say

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Woolfest 06

On your marks, get set.......whoa there, where's she gone....? Or at least, I think that's what Mr India was muttering to himself as I disappeared in a cloud of fiber....he was just a tad worried. However , I do think that this was a bit of an over-reaction:- It is true to say that I hadn't slept the night before, hadn't been able to eat breakfast, had run out the door without any clothes on (actually, that's a lie, but if I 'd been wearing a skirt, I'm sure it'd've been tucked into my knickers - erm, if I'd remembered to wear any....) but arranging for an ambulance....? Having said that, it was hot as Hades, so I wouldn't have been surprised if folk had been carted out.

Sorry, what was that? What am I gibbering talking about? You don't know?? Where the heck have you been? WOOLFEST, naturally! What else would I be going on (and on) about?

Ok. Deep breath. I've just read over this post and it doesn't make a lot of sense, not even to me - and I was there. Despite my plans of calmness and serenity, I was completely overwhelmed, and that still seems to be the case. I had a great couple of days, but while I attempt to get my brain functioning again, I shall leave you with this glorious sight - and a question. What fibre is this? Answers on a postcard....or in the comments box....