Tuesday, July 04, 2006

SAy hello , wave goodbye...

...to 'Wave'(Ammendment - of course I meant 'Wave goodbye to River, not Wave....) What is it about me that I cannot cope with what has to he the easiest lace pattern in the world, bar n one ? You guys know me well enough by now to know that the occasional hiccup don't bother me, not in the slightest, nope. However, Wave was supposed to be coming to a wedding with me. Wave was beginning to look more like white water. Nothing for it - it went to the frog pond, which seemed fitting given the name. Now I AM working on the easiest pattern in the world, bar none - feather and fan. Now I am just under a huge teensy bit of time pressure. The wedding isn't until Sunday, but I will be at a fibre-retreat from Friday - has to be blocked and ready by Thursday evening....

Turns out that I took a few less pics than intended - due to being overwhelmed, perchance? Anyway, here is a small selection from my small selection two long elegant felted dresses - one in white with red 'petals' scattered on it, the other red Aren't these dresses just gorgeous? There were quite a few stalls selling fibre-based articles, which was nice. Sadly, one or two stalls did have lovely things to sell, but they need to jazz their stalls up a bit - given the colour all around, one or two of the more 'muted' stalls didn't cut the mustard for me - they looked drab, which equals poor quality in my book - which they weren't. I don't mean that they garments/bags etc should be jazzed up - sometimes muted is good - but - how to get the customers to stop, that's the question...pub sign saying Baa Food For the peckish, there was food available at THe Shepherd Hotel. Want my advice - don't bother , it was inedible. TO the point of being returned untouched and not paid for. And that's areal shame. We stayed there the Friday night - the room was great (newly refurbished with an anazing shower) and the staff friendly. What the heck are they dooing in that kitchen?

So, blogger is doing its usual and won't let me upload any more pics - so, until the next installment, pick up those pinty sticks and cast on, as Brenda Dayne would say


Blogger trek said...

Sorry about the baaad food.

12:23 am  
Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Shame I didn't spot you at Woolfest, mind you, I haven't a clue what you look like!

I loved the 'baa food' sign too but didn't manage to get a picture of it.

Like you I didn't take half as many pics as I should have, it was so overwhelming and even though I knew what to expect (having been last year) I still got bowled over by it all.

And erm, I think you better check my blog again later today, you might be rather relieved....

12:02 pm  

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