Friday, June 23, 2006


I am trying to avoid pontificating on my blog, but this has been coming to a bit of a head of steam. Don't read on if you are after a bit of knitting content in this entry - there isn't any!

I kind of like that bit in The Lord of The Rings (well, I like ALL of the bits, actually)where someone (?Sam) says something like 'Go not to the elves for advice, for they shall say both yes and no'. Freyalynn, if you read this I have no doubt you can give me the exact quote :0)

Advice IS a tricky thing. Each person can only do what THEY feel is best. However, it is frustrating to find that someone will not take advice from a neutral, 3rd party who has no personal interest in naffing them off. No, I don't mean me! Why do some people not listen to advice that is hard to take. Ok, because it is hard to take. I know that!! But dismissing it out of hand seems pretty pointless. What doesn't help is when other people jump in with comments like 'What elephant in the room? I can't see an elephant - erm, could someone get this big grey thing off my foot.'

While it can be almost impossible to say a hard thing to a friend, however well meant, surely a true friend DOES NOT aid and abet the denial process. Surely being a friend is about being truthful, kind and supportive?

OK. Rant over


Anonymous Anonymous said...

now whom would you be referring to? surely not someone from blogland?

12:01 pm  

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