Saturday, June 10, 2006

voting with my feet mouse

There's a blog that I read from time to time because I like the knitting content, but there is a fair bit about it that winds me up. I think this person is a bit of a hypocrite and fairly manipulative.

But then I got to thinking. Why AM I reading this blog? For the KNITTING content? Hmmm. Aren't we all a bit hypocritical at times? Ok. Maybe I am reading this blog so that I can get on my high horse about it......So, I have decided that I do not like what I read in the main, (taking account of the fact that this is only a small view of the person via the internet, and not the sum total of who they are), and i have only myself to blame if I don't like what I read. So, I am going to climb down off my pedestal and simply not go there.

Only one question. While I am awaiting the perfection of my Buddhahood, as it were, what WILL I do when I feel the need to feel superior....well, I am only human.... image of the Buddha


Anonymous Lisa said...

I hear you there! I'm pretty opinionated, but keep my knitting/spinning blog about that. I felt ambushed when there's blog content that gets a little to controversial. Who likes to be reading about a lovely soft woolly project and then have politics rammed down your throat? I read knitting/spinning blogs to escape the real world, so, like you, I just move along, looking for another fuzzy blog.

1:26 pm  

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