Saturday, June 03, 2006

(missing) the obvious

Why is it that I'm darn good at stating the bleedin' obvious ,but quite frequently I fail to spot it? I quite like lace knitting, but I get disheartened when I make a mistake and have to go back to the beginning of a godzillion stitches, working my way along mumbling to myself 'K2 tog, yo, p2, s1 knitwise, p5' yada yada yada. A huge lightbulb bloomed above my head today as I read the info for this smoke ring . "I find it helpful to place additional markers between each of the repeats to correspond to the chart sections." So, why the heck could I not have worked that one out for myself.....

So, anyway. This smoke ring is being knit in 100% cashmere. Yep, that's right ONE HUNDRED PER CENT CASHMERE. I have 'A' who comes to The Big Knit Out to thank for my latest aquisition. ColourMart is an online seller providing a variety of great yarn 'leftovers' from commercial companies. GO check them out. I ordered my cone of cashmere on Thursday evening and it arrived this morning. Not bad, eh?

I cast on for the smoke ring. Twice. Despite my best efforts, I have still managed to come up with a mobieous smoke ring. It'll just have to be like that - I'm not going for a third attempt.

I have foolishly decided to try my hand at dressmaking - again- this summer. Skirtmaking, actually. I have purchased a pattern that says it is 'easy'. We shall see.Anyway, I'm off to sit in the sun - we don't get too much in this part of the wprld, so I shall make the most of it.Cya


Blogger The Crafty Otter said...

Y'know, I've spent a fair chunk of this morning trying to work out WHY and HOW you have managed to be absent from my blogroll for so long. I think I'm going to have to blame the Chronic Fatigue Gremlins, cos I'm a software engineer, and therefore disqualified from blaming the Tech Gremlins. Never mind, you're added now, and I've whizzed back over the archives to make sure I've filled in all the bits I've missed. ;) By the way, where do you get those cute little WIP progress-trackers?!? I've seen a few around, and never gotten any for my otterly wee self... ;)

12:11 pm  

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