Thursday, May 25, 2006

last yarn purchase

was some time ago, as you can see from the 'ticker tape' on the blog title.

kind of hard to see from the pics, but the purchases are two lots of Habu, from K1 Yarns I aim to make up a simple pattern to knit this lot into a simple, open shell. The second lot will be a variant on Katherine's own pattern, 'Cricket'. If you are in the Glsgow area, you should drop into the shop. Not only does Katherine stock great yarn, but her own patterns are pretty neat, too. In the mean time, I am trying to knit 'River' from the last-but-one Rowan mag. It's not that it's difficult, it's just that I have NO TIME at the moment. Still, I am making progress on my assignment and hope to finish it this long weekend. Well, that's probably a bit over-optimistic, but I'm gonna try real hard. In fact, this is my only real break tonight. As soon as my Gaelic tutorial is finished at 7.00pm, I intend to come straight back here and get stuck in...

I'm really into podcasting, now that I've worked it out. One of my favourites is Cast on , which will not be a surprise to anyone has listened to it. I find that some North American accents grate on my ear (I say this in the full realisation that many people probably get p***** off with mine!) but I could listen to this woman for hours. I love most of the music she plays, too - not what I would normally choose, so all the more refreshing for that. So, all in all, I am in love with my iPod Shuffle. When I first heard about them I thought they were useless pieces of plastic. Not any more. I've eaten a big (well, fairly slim, really) piece of humble pie on that one. So, before I humiliate myself for an hour, trying to speak Gaelic, I'm off to Cast On. TTFN


Blogger Poshyarns said...

That Habu looks interesting, fantastic shades. What are you doing River in? I made River a few months ago and was really pleased with it, briefly... After blocking, I unpinned it and hung it over the back of a chair, left the room for a moment and came back to find the dog surrounded by shreds of River. Can't bring myself to knit it again which is a pity because it looked great.

7:41 pm  

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