Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bloglines and 'stuff'

Ok. Think I have finally sorted all the bits'n'bobs out. The feeds I have subscribed to seem to be updating. And, if any of you lovely folk who drop by my blog so desire, I think you can now subscribe to mine. Go on, make my day :0)

I have finally put fingers to keyboard in respect of my assignment. It hurts. In more ways than one. I have a sinus infection at the moment and am not on the correct antibiotic. Unfortunately, I now have less than a month to go, so I cannot sit in a miserable heap and feel sorry for myself. I know, it hasn't stopped me before, but I really have to get the finger out on this. It's Wesak this week - what some of the organisers at Glasgow Buddhist Centre fondly call 'Buddhist Christmas'. I am going to try to take some of the Buddhist philosophy to heart - and remind myself that nothing lasts forever, even the pain of this darn assignment (and sinus infection). Continuing on the plus side, I have just found the Rebecca mag that I had done the usual with and tossed negligently to one side misplaced, so my reward knitting is going to be the cute little crossover cardigan that lots of folk did last year. Hey, I don't mind being retro. My reward knitting was going to be 'Cricket', a nifty little design from Katherine at K1yarns. Knit in a Habu 'paper' yarn, it's gorgeous. Too gorgeous. So, I'm saving it as a really special treat - to begin the day the assignment is finally handed in

Here's a calming image to finish with - hope you guys have a restful week view of Scottish loch and hillside


Anonymous carol said...

Love the sound of you new Habu knit, is it one Kathleen has designed hereself? The "paper" yarn knits up beautifully. I shll look forward to seeing it when done (No pressure mind!!)

4:01 pm  

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