Saturday, May 06, 2006


You guys are really patient with me - I feel like I've just started Primary 1 halfway through, and I haven't a clue what is happening in class. ...

So, thanks to 'anonymous' who reminded me to switch on my RSS feed - it's great that there are folk out there who want to keep up with my bloc ;0) Kind of cheers me up. I think I have done that now - in which case, I also need to thank another blocker, right - here for the instructions on how to do so. In answer to KAthleen's question, I think (notice that hesitancy again) that it allows me to receive an automatic update when specific blogs have been updated. I think that individual blogs might have to have the 'RSS feed' enabled in order to be included - if that is the case, it might explain why I haven't been able to add some blogs to Bloglines. In which case I shall just have to maintain two lists.

Taking a look in my FO spot on the sidebar, you will notice that I have finished the April project from Project Spectrum . And here it is - ta-dah! yellow hand-knit facecloth in dragon sclae pattern Some of you might note that there has been no progress on it of late. Some of you might notice that it is now May. Some of you might conclude that I was late. Some of you might suspect that I have been frantically trying to find the 'obvious' place where I left one of my thousands few works in progress. Some of you may even imagine that I am going to pass this off as completed by the deadline when in fact it wasn't. Me? I couldn't possible comment...... My friend Heather shudders at the thought of abusing knitting in this way (washing with it, I mean). She may have a point. But when you've committed to a knitalong, have limited time and are not so keen on the colour, extreme steps are sometimes necessary. That's my excuse, anyway.

So here we are, time for another colour theme.  button for Project Spectrum May This one will be much easier. In fact you will be astonished to know that I already have several green projects on the go. No, really, I do. I'm toying with the idea of finishing the Oxenburg scarf, but it seems a bit too hot (stop sniggering, we do get the occasional day with the temp above 5 degrees) to be working on a KSH scarf. However, I am in love with the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino sock pattern, and I have some green of the required yarn in that. Decisions, eh.

ON a personal note, my son had his birthday recently, so we tootled off to spend some time with him. We took him and his girlfriend out for a meal and had a great time. He seems much happier than of late (I think having a part time job is good for him) and every time I visit at the moment he seems more mature and sophisticated in his outlook. He's a lovely boy, and from what I can see, treats his girlfriend really well. I'm so proud of him. And, if I'm honest, by extension I'm proud of the way I have brought him up.

Thinking of myself has led me in a natural way to think about some of the aspects of Buddhism, which I have been exploring lately. pink and white cherry blossomIt is hard to accept that everything is temporary. This was brought home to me when I was looking at the blossom on the trees outside my living room. I quite often find myself enraptured by the mix of the pink and the white flowers, and I remember well the feeling of loss that I had last year as they faded and died. Guess I have some way to go.


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