Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuna or cheese?

I like the way those two words alliterate. Course, if you happen to have an accent which means you say 'too-nuh' let me explain - over here it's 'chewna' - chewna or cheese - get it? Anyway, I just can't decide what to have on my baked potato tonight. will it be cheese'n'pickle ie Branston or Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo?

Those of you in the know, ie fellow wives of computer scientists, will realise that my husband is with colleagues having a fancy meal. Us wives get the baked potato with cheese.

Or Chewna


Blogger Poshyarns said...

I am laughing because baked potato is my meal of choice when the husband is away, in fact I look forward to it(we never have it when he is home as he is not a fan). I can recommend another topping, mature cheddar with sweetcorn and mayonaise, especially good with some beetroot on the side (another vegetable my husband dislikes).

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