Monday, April 17, 2006

Fancy feet

Full steam ahead!!! No second sock syndrome here. Second sock cast on within 5 minutes of casting off the first, finshed not much more than 24hrs later. I'm impressed to blazes with myself. And here they are in all their glory. India's feet modelling brown/sand coloured stripy handknit socks

Knitty Gritty:
Both socks:
Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock 'Safari'
Toe up, garter stitch short row toes.2.25mm birch dpns
Short row garter stitch heels. 2.25 mm birch dpns
Main body of sock - 2.5mm birch dpns
Left sock - 54 stiches in main body of sock
Right sock - 54 stitched until about 15 rows before heel shaping - then inc 3 stiches across top of instep, kept these for remainder of sock
Right sock - 3 rows shorter than left.
Yep, I really have knit Left and Right socks - what's the point of having custome made socks if they don't fit like a glove sock.Having knat the first sock, It was neat enough around my foot ( I hate baggy socks) but a bit too snug round the instep. Not enough to make me want to frog it, but enough to deal with in the next one. MY right foot is the smallest one, hence the fewer rows in length.
Satisfaction - 98% Hot diggidy! This is now my default sock pattern.

I was interested to see the difference to the striping that 3 extra stitches makes - The sock in the foreground is the Right one i.e the one which has the increases at the instep. It makes a much wider stripe. brown/sand soloured stripy handknit socks showing variation in stripe pattern between the two Now, this difference between the two would drive some people up the wall. Happily for me, I Can live with it. And, as all of my other socks will have this increase at the instep, it won't crop up again. So, much happiness all round.

What do you make of this little baby? One of the attendees at yesterday's knitting meetup was working on her second felted bag. Luckily, she had brought along felted bag No 1. felted blue/white handknit bagIt's gorgeous. Very flexible because it was knat in a fine yarn - DK, I believe. I want one. Now.

I'm getting a bit crafty with Blogger now. It wouldn't ket me upload 2 of these 3 pics. So, I saved this post as a draft, uploaded the two pics to a new 'post', then cut and paste here. Neat.

I have to get my studious head on now, much as I don't want to. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend - Mhairi, hope you had a quiet one on call.


Blogger Kathleen said...

Socks look great, you've flown through them! Once I find my sock book I think I'll try the toe up method. Can't seem to find anything in the flat at the mo :-(
Did you wear Brier to the meetup yesterday?

10:37 am  
Blogger RoxyKnits said...

One sock in 24 hours - wow I'm impressed! I tend to fit sock knitting around my main projects so they can take a while to get done. I don't get SSS either - I'm always happy to cast on straight away.

The socks look great - I do love Lorna's Laces....

1:13 pm  
Anonymous Mhairi said...

Socks look great! (better than my spinning - its getting there). My weekend went fine, and almost avoided death by chocolate.
Have just come back from Gourock SnB and have promised "Barista" Stevie that I'd knit a beanie, along with my other 4-88 projects. Good night was had by four of us.
Right, back to the spinning - I'll master this somehow.

9:58 pm  

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