Thursday, April 13, 2006

Much ado about knitting

Where to begin?

Ok, first of all, here is Brier - as predicted, I have ground to a halt with only a little bit of sewing to do. It's neater than this, honest. Just trying to show the ribbon behind a band and across the shoulders.

Next up. Going for Gold in this month's Project Spectrum colour. Yellow was a bit of a challenge, so I opted for what I call a facecloth, but what I believe our North American cousins call a washcloth. I couldn't understand Mr India's revulsion at the thought of a knitted washcloth, until I realised he thought it would be knit in, no. The pattern has been slightly adapted from the linen washcloth in 'Knitter's Stash' and is in the Dragon Scales pattern. I like it a lot.

The yellow theme has kind of been continued in this sock. Welllll, it's called 'Safari' - brings to mind lions and giraffes. And they're yellow, right. Right?

And what about this lot? L and I had a little exchange - and, wowee, do I ever like KoolAid dyeing. Note to self - remember to wear gloves next time. Blue isn't really my colour. Not on the end of my fingers, at any rate. Pic in next blog - I think this one has reached it's limits


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