Monday, March 27, 2006

a bit of spin

As I'm on a spinners blogring, thought I'd better do a bit of spinning. As a change from Freyalynn's fibre, thought I'd try spinning this Brillo pad black Wenslydale. Actually, it is quite soft until you touch this angora/merino blend. It's gonna be dyed after it's spun. Don't know what colour, but I've a feeling it'll depend on which Project Spectrum colour I need to knit at the time.


Blogger Kathleen said...

No. 1 looks like a cat all curled up having a rest! (Black Wensleydale.)

9:30 pm  
Anonymous Mhairi said...

Tha Black Wensleydale looks lovely, and i agree, it is soft until to compare it to something like angora/merino.

I am looking for advice on what to knit using my natural wensleydale wool from arran - I think it will have to be for me as kids still say its too "itchy".
Thats what I get for knitting in Rowan cashsoft!

5:34 pm  

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