Thursday, March 16, 2006

trip to America

Did I mention that I went the other morning? Took me about 5 minutes for the complete return journey, and when I returned I had Mountain Stream in my hot little hands. We take all this technology for granted but every now and again the 'simple' things in life take my breath away.

What hasn't been so simple has been trying to arrange a knitting night out with a few of my knitting friends. I suppose we do this about twice a year, but with all the busy schedules, it can take a while. Still, we might have found a date to suit all, so fingers crossed...

Not much knitting of late, except to say that I had totally forgotten that I had bought two balls of yarn to make my mum's hat. Suffice to say, it is now finished, just awaiting a label. Brier grows slowly but I am on the last front. I have been doing some of the seaming as I went, partly because I hate sewing, partly because I couldn't get my head around which bit'n'bobs I still have to do.

All the ill health has played havoc with my studying - behind on Post grad course, Gaelic and piano. Gaelic phone tutorial will probably be a bit grim tonight - better try to do a bit more work before then.
tioraidh an-drasta


Blogger Heather said...

Glad you've got enough wool for your mum's hat ! What yarn are you doing Mountain Stream in ? It would be gorgeous in that cream cashmere Nancy gave you if you haven't already used it ?

8:00 am  

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