Sunday, February 26, 2006

Get a grip!


There's no doubt about it, my knitting has not been up to (my) required standard of late. To further prove the point, take a wee peek at this- A none too close inspection clearly shows that the two halves of Brier's back have not been created equal. And there's only one person to blame.....and as if that's not bad enough, when I redid the left back, I made it complete with right back shaping. Now, I may not be 'classically beautiful', but neither am I deformed. I finshed it for the third time, I hope, at Beanscene yesterday morning before my Gaelic class. And it not the only substandard item either - I still haven't worked myself up to correcting the sleeve on my Noro Blossom cardi. One thing at a time, eh?

I think I've simply got too much on the go - my brain is like an overfilled armchair, randomly shedding stuffing as I wander aimlessly about. It's got to stop. I'm trying not to take on anything else, but I cannot leave to one side commitments already made. The only other option in the meantine is - organise. It won't be pretty, but it has to be done.

I did give myself a mental holiday with a bit of very simple knitting - here it is - a cute hat for a very cute girl. Shucks, don't make me blush! Not me, Baby L - a gorgeous 4 month old. I don't usually knit for other folks but I make an exception for babies. This is in fact hat number 2. The first one is a striped variation of the same colour combo - pink and violety-blue Cashmerino Baby

In the meantime, when I need a mental break, I'm going to be knitting a simple lace shawl in Noro Silk Garden. But when that's not on the needles, it's Brier all the way.

The wheel is idle at the moment - the virus I had last week left me unable to summon up the energy, but I am quite pleased with the way the latest effort has plied. Not at all inconsistent - I planned it this way....

Here's a shot of another cute girl. Wonder if she'd like a hat?


Blogger Kathleen said...

Aww, I feel rotten for you about Brier. I have always admired that style. When you've come through the woods, I'll ask you for a few pointers about it because I want to do it some stash yarn one of these days.
Yours is a beautiful colour by the way. x K

9:21 pm  
Blogger Kathleen said...

P.S. Your spun yarn looks great. It's like Biggy Print or Chunky Print or something with those thick and thin sections.

9:23 pm  

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