Monday, February 13, 2006

The courage of women

My God! Did you just see that woman on the Chinese team? - I can't bear to watch the replay of her fall, but she went on to skate with her partner for a silver medal.Hot diggidy!


Blogger Nance said...

That poor girl. After that landing, I can't imagine that she'll ever bear children. And the thought of what she's going to feel like for the next few days has me cringing while I type.

I'm feeling sorry for myself (it always makes me smile when I say that) because I've just this evening come out into full-blown ...... I'm not sure what. Best case, it's sinusitis, worst case it's the flu. Fortunately my doctor is a sensible chap who lets me keep antibiotics on hand rather than having to wait for an appointment in three weeks - I think possibly he's sensible only because he's not that crazy about sitting through my rants regarding the inaccessibility of appointments - and I took a couple of capsules a few hours ago and the pain is lessening, so I guess it's sinusitis - hurrah! Don't want the proper flu, as it would seriously screw up my trip to Prague next week. Ooops, sorry India, this is your blog not mine. I'll climb back in my box. Love, Nance

11:41 pm  
Blogger Nance said...

That poor girl, she'll never bear children after that. I'm cringing as I type, thinking about what her poor little body is going to feel like over the next few days. Yeeeouch! She certainly deserved the silver, and also a medal for bravery, I feel.


11:43 pm  
Blogger Tracy said...

We watched it replayed twice last night and how she ever managed to get up and finish a routine like that straight afterwards. What on earth did they pump into her? Is it available on the NHS?????

11:47 am  

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