Monday, February 13, 2006

And all that stash...


You know that stage you get to , you repeatedly reassure yourself that somehow it WILL all fit, that order once again WILL be restored? Well, I've been at that stage for several lifetimes. It looks as if the sorcerer's apprentice has been at work:

Some progress has been made but the pile in the first picture is proving somewhat recalcitrant. And there's more - two large bins of unspun fibre, various bits'n'pieces all over the place, some Kaalund missing in goes on and on.

However, I've got an extra couple of days off, so I'm damned if I'll spend it organising stash, which I have to say I feel is a contradiction in terms. Anyway, yesterday I went to the garden centre and bought one or two (!) spring flowers. I think that the rain is off for the morning, so I shall don my extra elegant nitrile gloves, gird myself with a trowel and do battle with the pots (and creepy-crawly, slimy-sluggy-squishy things) in the courtyard.

WHISPERED CONFESSION - I fell off the Woolfest Diet. But it's only 2 skeins, didn't cost much, it's a beautiful crushed rose colour AND IT'S COLINETTE DAMN IT!!! Oops, sorry about that folks, normal service will be resumed in a moment. We've all been there, right? That yarn that you've just got to have, no matter what...still, I'm back on the wagon. I'll be strong. It'll be tough and I'll need a lot of support from you guys. Why ? Well, Katherine, my local supplier has just told me that a shed load of Colinette is on its way as I type. As if that wasn't completely amazing, unbelievably fabulous luck bad enough, said lady is going to Birmingham soon to see what other goodies she can tempt us with.

I've just been listening to a Radio 4 programme (I know, so middle aged) about step families. It made me so sad to hear what some of these children had to put up with (and some of the unfortunate step parents, too). My DH is a wonderful father to my son, more so than his own has ever been. It's not perfect, and I'm sure that my boy could pass his own comments, but Mr India really puts himself out for him. And the little tyke isn't averse to jumping on the bandwagon if DH and I have an, erm, minor disagreement - on MR India's side, of course, not mine. Think that speaks volumes.

Right, I'm off to persaude those flowers that they do want planted, then, hopefully, a spot of spinning.


Blogger Tracy said...

My stash piles are looking awful at the moment. The stashalong is forcing me to search into the unknown, which basically means Tracy can be found in the spare room with her legs poking out of large plastic containers as she ferrets about searching for buried treasure. t also means that the yarn she'd turfed out whilst searching for said buried treasure seems to have spread itself about a bit. The room is a mess but hey it's got a door on it and I'm very good at shutting that so I don't have to look at it as I come up stairs ;) I'm glad your son thinks of Mr India like he does. As for arguments well, let's face it, we women are too good at getting our own way so a bit of competition is needed sometimes to make us even better at it ;)

1:54 pm  
Blogger gw said...

Stash? Tis the season (grin)

persaude those flowers ?? Psych them into behaving, no doubt. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

9:12 pm  

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