Sunday, January 15, 2006


I ran out of daylight before I could take a picture of my new drumcarder and newly-spun fibre. I can never decide whether or not to use the flash. This time, the flash made a not bad job, if you forget about the fact that the blend is far more autumnal, much less pink.  close up view of singles yarns in rust, pink, brown, orange, yellow Here's the drumcarder hiding behind a newly-carded bat - must try to get a daylight picture of the fibre, it's so much nicer. bad photo' of drum carder with carded fibre in foreground The orange glow completely masks the array of browns, rusts, yellows, pinks and a hint of green. Maybe a combination of both these snaps would show the true colors? When the yarn grows up it's going to be a singles scarf.

On the entertainment front, I really wish I liked Fairport Convention. No, I really wish I liked them. Last night I had to endure more than an hour of them at the Celtic Connections Festival. I have what I would regard as a reasonably catholic (small'c' intended) taste in music, but I just cannot get into this group. I could see that everyone else was thoroughly enjoying themselves, and as musicians they weren't half bad, but I was still in a little bubble of my own. Still, Mr India has come along to many things (including Rocky Horror - twice) that he would rather have given a miss, so I took refuge in a bit of mental fibre craft and the evening dragged hellishly on soon passed.

I'm still working on sock number two but have also added a cardi in Noro Blossom - I needed a little something I didn't have to think about. On the blogging front, I am considering whether or not I should have my pics of Aragorn actually on my blog - I didn't see a copyright notice, but have a sneaking suspicion I am probably breaking copyright somewhere. In the meantime, I am going to remove him (sob!) and add a link at some point.....

Now I'm off to soak in some bubbles in readiness for Luca at 8.00pm - don't ya just love it when ER is back?


Blogger Kathleen said...

Wait a minute here, you can't just slip that in - you've got a drum carder now? x K

7:09 pm  
Blogger Midsummer night's knitter said...

Yep, wondered if anybody (DH!) would notice. It's well-worth the -wait for it - £225 tag. Guess I better get LOTS of use out of it!

6:53 pm  

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