Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yeehah - it's done!!!!

And so am I! With only 61 words to spare, I just have to proof read it and do any last-minute tarting up. I'm not feeling particularly confident about it, but I suppose if I get it back for resubmission I will scream, rip the darn thing up and stomp all over it won't mind too much.

Partial success on the Camera front, Heather. It may be short lived as I now have to find out where I put the charger. One step at a time, eh?

So, for you delectation, or otherwise, here's my latest aquisition. pair of pink Doc Martin Boots,black laces. I tried to buy a pair of red Kickers but was too impatient to wait until MARCH 06, for goodness sake! So, a pair of navy ones are winging their way, too.

And, just to prove that it wasn't a ruse here's a snap of the first sock sock knitted from space-dyed yarn,modelled on foot knitting needles still in place on toes. complete with kneedles - going to Kitchener tonight. I wasn't happy with it to begin with - the picot edging seemed to make it WAY too wide. However, the picot edging comes far enough up (just past the top of those lovely Docs) that it isn't a problem. Question: will I manage to finish number 2? Answer: Your guess is better than as good as mine.

Now off to get merrily pickled and maybe, just maybe, do a little spinning - the final part of my Gaelic assignment can just jolly well wait ;0)


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