Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dang and BLAST !!!!!

I've been really good today, but wished I hadn't bothered......

I have two assignments due for the beginning of term and really want them out of the way. So, instead of sitting down with this spinning I have been beavering away on the Prefessional Development assignment. The problem seems to be that I've been trying to work between a pc and a laptop - I didn't realise that the laptop didn't know which programme to use to open documents I had downloaded on the pc and then transferred via a data pen - it seemed like the documents weren't there. The problem was made no better when I decided to transfer my assignment to the pc to work on it - we use OpenOffice - and that programme doesn't like Word....So, as you can see, I've given up for the day. I'D RATHER BE KNITTING (or spinning)

The fibre was acquired from Twist Fibre Craft. As we we were passing within 100 miles fairly close on Saturday, my other MAJORLY URGENT minor business was put on the back burner while I had a wee browse. The fibre in question is a fairly autumnal mix of pinks, yellow and rusts, with a tiny bit of green and purple. I've decided to supplement the mix with some chocolate and a deep blue/green (the latter in very small quantities, just to give a flash of colour). I'm spinning a fine singles yarn and will be knitting a scarf - probably feather and fan, but I actually want to do a slightly lacy chevron pattern. I don't have the one I want in any of my stitch libraries - any suggestions??? I just don't have the time/inclination to work it out myself, so if it's not available,too bad. This is one if the few times I've neen able to use the new wheel my DH gave me for my 40th - and if I don't get the assignment done asap, I guess it'll be the last for a while...

I have done a teeny weeny bit of adaptation. his is the sleeve from a Noro zip-up cardigan, knit entirely in k2 p2 rib. As your eagle eyes will have spotted, their is a 3-braid cable up the middle of the sleeves. The first pic was taken in daylight, without the flash, whereas here, the flash has fairly bleached out the detail. Must plan my photo shoots accordingly. I've also added a hat and scarf set to my Christmas knitting - it's in Artesano Alpaca, charcoal with an edging of pale grey for the hat, charcoal with diminishing stripes of the gey for the scarf. Not saying who it's for - it's a secret. Having said that, if the intended recipient read this blog, I'd fall off my seat in surprise - but you never know.

Finally, another pic from the Birthday Basket. Aren't they lovely. And not one of them missing in action - yet


Blogger Kathleen said...

Hiya, there is a chevron scarf in the Scarf Style book which I think you have. Quite dense though, not lacy. It's called Zigzag Stripes and is by Debbie Bliss p33. x K

8:33 pm  

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