Friday, December 09, 2005

One knit night wonders

Confession time - broke my 2 for 1 rule. I had some Lousisa Harding angora yarn that was positively begging to be knitted. However, I am my own mistress, so I crocheted it instead. close up image of narrow crocheted spiral scarf in pink and gray angora yarn  image of narrow crocheted spiral scarf in pink and gray angora yarn - scarf coiled up and photographed against blue carpet close up image of narrow crocheted spiral scarf in pink and gray angora yarn

I'm not convinced that any of these pics does the scarf justice but hopefully the three together give some idea of how this little curly whirly scarf looks like. Took less than an evening - and if I had a tenner for every admiring comment I wouldn't be blogging, I'd be on the beach in Barbados

The next night's knitting resulted in this little number image of knit 2 purl 2 ribbed hat in stripy Noro yarn - mostly blues stripes with some purple and green One of the things that I like/loathe about Noro yarn is that some completely unexpected colours pop up from the middle of the ball of yarn - usually when least expected. I've learnt my lesson, though, so now I have a sneaky peak inside the ball to check before purchasing.

Kureyon, along with other Noro yarns, has always seemed to me like a singles yarn. For those of you who aren't spinners, a singles yarn is exactly how it sounds - one strand of spun yarn. Most yarn is composed of two or more strand plied (twisted) together. As well as making a stronger yarn, plying gives a yarn more bounce and elasticity. Kureyon,prior to knitting, seems quite inelastic and doesn't have the typical appearance of a plied yarn. However, sitting fiddling with it today did indeed reveal two strands. All that aside, I love the way it knits up.

Katherine at K1 Yarns had a 10% discount on purchases today, so naturally I just HAD to go along. However, I was buying yarn to knit presents with, so I don't think that (really) counts. Can't say who it's for or what I'm knitting until after Christmas. Hope it'll be well-received...

Some knitting friends (what other kind is there??) are coming round tomorrow, so I'd better sign off and get tidying. TTFN


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