Monday, December 05, 2005



...on Earth am I trying-to-learn-Gaelic-undertaking-post-grad-diploma-working-full-time-campaigning-against-decision-to remove-eachers-from-Glasgow-Nursery-schools-AND-getting-ready-for-Christmas ? to name but a few things I'm doing en ce moment

You'll understand, then why I have NO TIME to do a digital photography class and therefore excuse yet another c***** pic of some scrummy roving

This is Freyalyn's little teaser - a free sample sent with some of her 'Blues' roving. I'm desperate to do some spinning. My DH bought me a fantabulous wheel for my 40th birthday (Shucks, you're too kind - not a day over 26 ??? Why, thank you). I'm now the proud owner of 2 wheels. HAve to say I still love the liitle beaut that I learnt on (erm, is that Australian, 'cos I'm trying to do a Kiwi accent...) - might not be the most alluring wheel in the world, but it taught me a lot - feeling a bit guilty about putting it in the attic now).

I have some wonderful Desert Flower roving, from Lorna's Laces, via Get Knitted (links coming soo, promise). When I've spun that I want to spin the blues (technical content coming) z-twist and s-ply, enough to knit into a jumper - my biggest spinning project to date. Unfortunately, I have no time to pick up a pair of Brittanys, never mind dust the wheel down.

How's everyone else's Christmas preparations coming along - do let me know - might spur me into a bit of action. Cya x


Blogger Jill said...

If it makes you feel any better, I've done barely ANY Christmas preparation yet! I was at Oasis Centerparcs this weekend - got home today - SO tired! Will tell you all about it at the weekend, by which time, I hope to be feeling more awake and human than I do right now! It's still nearly 3 weeks till Christmas anyway - why worry?

7:10 pm  
Anonymous Linda said...

I've bought most of the presents, so early this year. But I haven't done a thing else towards Christmas. I found the dusty boxes of decorations which are staring resentfully at me, as we speak. No Christmas knitting done....because I refused to do it this year! What a good idea that was, and I'm grateful for it, even if I feel somewhat mean spirited.

10:04 pm  
Blogger Midsummer night's knitter said...

I don't usually knit for ANYONE - 'specially not for Christmas - don't know what came over me

10:07 pm  

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