Wednesday, November 23, 2005

1001 knits

aka, works in progress. I was recently 'interviewed' via the telephone for an article all about how hip 'n' trendy knitting has now become (it's ok, I'm not letting a little thing like being fashionable put me off). I nearly fell off my chair when she asked what project (singular) I was currently working on. Not met many real knitters, then? Not any honest ones at any rate...Where shall I start - not the beginning, 'cos I can't find that - buried beneath all my stash. There certainly isn't and end to it, so I must be somehwere in the middle. How about a wee pic of a skinny scarf in the oh-so-touchable-snuggle-up -to-able Alpaca Silk (Debbie Bliss). A wee confession here. The yarn was bought from my pal atK1 Yarns but I got the idea from erm, a somewhat similar scarf I saw at TwistFibreCraft. Something to do with having, unsually, spent all my money and couldn't afford another thing.... THIS little beauty (notice those little beads, artfully placed in the fringing?) Really beautiful picture of pink scarf, in trellis effect with blue and purple beading on a fringe is, alas, alack, not for me! I can't bear it - I have to keep taking it out, touching it and repeating to myself (in a hushed whisper)"It's not for you, It's NOT for you, It's not FOR you, It's not for YOU, ITS NOT FOR YOU!!!!" "But it's my precious, and I wants it...." luckily for the recipient, I mean me, I think I just have enough to make another. This is why I don't usually knit for other folk - I'm too damn GREEDY. This little number is Colinette yarn,once again from K1 Yarns Paws for gratuitous kitty pics Hmmmmm gratuitous kitty pic hasn't appeared... ok, try again later. How about a pic of Aragorn instead - nothing gratuitous about him! Nope. doesn't want to do it. Methinks I shall have end this post here and come back woth more knitpics when I've figure out what's wrong. Tioraidh an-drasta!


Anonymous Anne Hebburn said...

Another Rowanette blog to add to my favourites. Wonder if I'll ever get round to blogging, often tempted, so much to do so little time...looking forward to more pictures (knitting and kitty please).

5:44 pm  
Blogger Heather said...

Can I suggest if you're giving that scarf away you give it to me ??? It IS my colour after all .....

Heather x

10:50 am  

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