Thursday, January 05, 2006

new it wouldn't last ;0(

Gordon Bennet. GORDON BENNET!!!!!!!!! There, that's better - I needed a good bellow. Put the final finishing touches to my Gaelic assignment, due tomorrow, did the sound recording, sent it winging its way down the 'phone line spent the next 2 hours trying to convert the soundfiles into various hook and eye, belts, buttons and Velcro closures, when I suddenly realised that I needed - a ZIP (second one in 2 days, but that's another story), Having finally tried that, the PC spent 10 minutes with steam coming out of its ears (really) before disolving into a sweaty puddle on the floor... Now I am wondering what's wrong with good old fashioned pen and paper - this computer malarky is fine when it's working Don't suppose it was worth listening to, anyway. Going to console myself with this: - Removed pick while checking the copyright on pic :0(


Blogger Kathleen said...

Not a clue about the technology you're talking about, but I can only sympathise. x K

11:25 am  

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