Sunday, February 05, 2006

Call me shallow....

but I got a wee buzz out of seeing my blog on the Odessa knitalong. It's a bit scary too - committing to finishing it by April 5th. What if I get sidetracked? I've got the yarn already - I opted for Rowan Calmer, shade 477 , which as you will see is a deep raspberry shade. Just the beads to locate now.Heather , I know you'll be a tad sceptical, but I am going to swatch...

It's been a bit of a busy weekend, all round. We whizzed down to this delightful little pub. photograph of pub sign, The Gate Inn This little Gem is in Yanwath, just off the M6. Believe me, it really is worth spending a few hours in the car for a meal here. As well as having great food it's reassuring to know that the chef can tell you exactly where the organic chicken came from, or that the lamb is sourced from a farm a few miles away. To my DH's acute embarrassment, I decided to share the meal with you, so here are a few pics - what a shame it isn't 'taste-a-vision'.artfull arranged organic chicken, beetroot, potatoes and greenbeans on white plate. Now, I know that there shouldn't be any difference between my organic chicken and my DH's meal, but I couldn't bear to watch him eat Peter Rabbit. white plate with cooked rabbit and variety of vegetables. I could see the wee paws, complete with claws. Think I might be fighting my inner demons again along the vegetarian front.....

Desert was fantabulous - Bailey's Bread & Butter pudding, all topped off with a hot chocolate plus a shot of Tia Maria - mmmmmmmmm. I was trying to tempt you with a pic of the desert, but I seem to have reached my picture limit. So, make do with the hot chocolate and look forward to desert on the next thrilling installment, when you'll also get to meet Norman - big, black, hairy - not the kind of sheep to get on the wrong side of (and that's before you get to his sidekick, Conna....don't know if her pic'll fit on the page). hot chocolate drink in glass latte cup

Having squeezed in the visit to Norman and my friends G&J on the way to Yanwath, we also managed to get back in time for my fortnightly knitting meet. No wonder I need a lie down. Still, it was great to meet up with fellow knitters and see what they're up to. TTFN


Blogger Kathleen said...

Hi, have succumbed to some wool-cotton to try the Odessa hat! As well as some Summer Tweed ;-)

8:27 pm  

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