Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Odessa Number 1

As I read on someone's blog recently, Odessa is like a potato chip (crisp!!) - one just isn't enough. I originally planned to make one in a crushed raspberry/clear bead combo using Calmer. Unfortunately it is currently missing in action, so here it is in purple Cashsoft DK (It's not as lilacy as this, really). top down view of purple swirl odessa hat with grey metallic beads If you peer really closely, you can just see the beads. A whole wheen of Odessas can be found at the Odessa-along. Go on, have a peek. You know you want to.

I'm not knitting much at the mo - crocheting is taking over. I'm currently crocheting in Colinette Lasso. Despite the fact that it is 100% nylon(!) it's a beautiful yarn. It is intended to be a flowery wrap and is next on the agenda =for the class at K1 Yarns . It's for the begiiners plus class. We can do this. Yep. We can. I'm convinced...... Actually, I am sure. It's just that we will all need 3 extra pairs of hands....


Blogger Kathleen said...

Looking lovely, looking forward to seeing it modelled. x K

9:51 pm  

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