Thursday, February 16, 2006

When pain is good....

The Devil's right hand woman Dentist: Open wide. This will hurt like hell You won't feel a thing.
pathetic , snivelling creature Me: Arggh gurgle choke sweat
Dentist: The good thing is that your tooth is hurting for both hot AND cold.
Dentist: Yep. If it was only reacting to heat, that'd mean the nerve was dying
Me: ??????????
Dentist: Then you'd need ROOT TREATMENT
There's no 'me' - by this time I was legging it down the street. Well, maybe not, maybe that was just a little exageration. But I am terrified of the dentist. so than the Lord for IV sedation. This time next week, no more toothache - I hope. It's been a bit of a saga. I managed to scrape along fearfully for years before finding out that I could be referred for sedation, without much treatment needed. Now, for some strange reason, everything is going pear shaped and I haven't been completely pain free in the molar dept for about 5 years......

Hopefully some spinning might take my mind off things for a bit. close up view of singles yarn on bobbin,  various shades including turquoise and grey As this pic shows, I am finally getting round to the fibre that I bought in December .(Sorry that I have only linked to the month, but my archive doesn't seem to allow me to pick out an individual page once the month has gone. Well, maybe it can, but I can't!). As I said at the time, Freyalynn's fibre is a dream to spin with , and this is no exception. I've changed my mind about the project and will be making a blue version of Chocolate lime , since I am enjoying the wearing of it so much. This will be my first full size handspun garment - hope I can keep the pace up.

I did manage to plant the plants - they're a bit pathetic looking now, but I have high hopes for them. There are quite a few pots, so it should be a reasonable enough display .

I did rather foolishly suggest to my husband that Valentine's is a ridiculous commercial piece of nonsense. Fortunately for me, he ignored me completely and bought me this. Mr India really does know me rather well. I had been browsing in the windows of Ortak when this little beauty caught my eye. Darn, was I ever wishing that for once I had kept my pert little mouth closed. However, I was gutted very noble and didn't say a word. Mr India has an amazing capacity for self-preservation is clearly psychic.


Blogger Kathleen said...

Hiya, back home. Love your Valentine jewellery! Elegant AND funky - good combination. x k

9:15 pm  
Blogger Tracy said...

Well there you go then, ridiculous or not, everyone needs a bit of commercialism to keep those fires burning ;)

11:20 am  

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