Thursday, February 23, 2006



Truth number 1:I am a really good patient. I know how to do it so well - feel like s***, moan like Hell, make sure the whole universe has heard the ruomour, stock up on a whole aresenal of just a couple of remedies:various cold cure remedies None of which have helped in the slightest, just goes to show - don't treat a virus and it takes X days, treat it and it takes X days....

Truth number 2: It really is possible to have too many WIPs on the go (YEP, you did read that correctly) Especially when one of them is this: photo of phoito of Brier in Rowan magazine - heathery felted tweed cardigan with small lapels and collar Brier itself isn't too difficult, but there are two parts each to the back and both sleeves. I keep forgetting what I've done, which size I'm doing etc. This evidence of impending senility is forcing me to actually finish a few things and take note of what I've done.

Ttruth number 3: Blocking isn't just desireable, sometimes it's downright esssential - especially when faced with this: Various parts of the aforementioned Brier. The really skinny bit on the left is part of a sleeve - I think, Confirmation will (hopefully) come after the blocking. The markers are allegedly helping me to keep the shaping symmetrical (note to self - next time you want to knit a project with shaping, DON'T chosse navy blue - why do you think the model's one is in a light colour ?????)I know that I've knat more than this, I just need to locate it. Probably hiding with the two skeins of Colinette currently MIA.


Blogger Marie-france said...

I've got bits of Brier somewhere (in red), keep thinking I ought to get back to it, so if you get yours finished maybe it will encourage me to do the same!

10:14 pm  
Blogger gw said...

I've had it so I KNOW. Sympathies.

Olbas pastilles suck - no, YOU are supposed to suck them!
Ducking and running away rather quickly.....

11:55 am  

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