Friday, February 24, 2006

so now what...?


toe curling toothache - check
dental-phobe - check
suffered (like a darn fool) for-way-too-long-convincing-self-it would-magically-go-away - check
finally plucked up courage to go to unimaginable circle of Hell dentist - check
waited 2 more weeks - check
had to put appointment back and give husband toothache of the ear due to my repeated agonisings over current real pain and future certainty of unholy agony at dentist due to ill health and suffer unmercifully put up with it a while longer - check
receive not nearly enough sedation this time around (ie I have vague memories of event) - check
pain gone
pain gone?
no check. Pain. Still. Here


Blogger soCherry said...

I hear you...
4 years since I last ventured 'there' and I'm rocking with fear at the very thought *knits quickly to erase fear*

6:18 pm  

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