Sunday, March 05, 2006

not enough knitting

That's what's been happening here. And it better stop. I can't even pinpoint why there has been a knitting drought, but I suspect the fact that I STILL HAVE TOOTHACHE has something to do with it. I breathed a sigh of relief when, suitably sedated, the wretched tooth was liberated. No pain - yipee. Not even from the extraction site. However, the pain has been sneaking back. Wonder what the sadist dentist will try next.... actually, I must not bad-mouth (!) my dentists (it's a bit of a team effort), since they are good about the whole terrified-me thing.

Did manage along to the knitting meet up today but discovered I was in knitting limbo. Despite the fact that I knat for 3 hours, the garter stitch cuff on the 'Brier' sleeve plain refused to grow. Not a sausage. Not an iota. Strange.

I'm off for some super-healthy food now, followed by a not-so-healthy vodka and Coke. Well, I don't want to give my body too much of a shock. In the meantime, here's my next knitalong. It's longterm, over a few months - the link in the sidebar will be coming soon (well, as soon as Mr India gets home and shows me what to do). I think that the first project is going to be a pink baby hat. I have several hats still to knit and this month's colours are red and pink - and I'm trying to participate without buying any more yarn. The yellow month may prove a problem. I love yellow, but not to knit with....much pondering coming up.

Tioraidh an-drasta


Blogger Kathleen said...

I quite like the sound of this Spectrum thingy, I might just give it a go.
Like all the additions to your sidebar, you're getting tore in on the blog front!

7:06 pm  

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