Sunday, March 26, 2006

Get me outa here - I'm a vegetarian!

At least, I think that's what Mr Squirrel was yelling as he hurtled away from the bowl... Mr India decided to feed the birds. Mr India decided that the robins should get some 'stuff', too. Mr India decided that the dead 'stuff' wasn't good enough. Mr India bought the wiggly stuff. And put it in a bowl. And didn't tell me. And didn't tell the squirrels. Fortunately, I found out a tad earlier then the quirrels did. Fortuntately for Mr India.....

Q. What do you stock if you are at an exhibition, don't have much yarn, don't seem to be a natural yarn stockist.
A. Why, Colinette of course.
In my defence, I was forced to buy it because (a) It was PINK (Project Spectrum colour for March) (b) It was named after this girl. As you can see, I just had to buy some 'Isis'. It was all lonely. Honest.

On the (Project Spectrum theme, I have just finished a wee summer scarf. It's a bit of a cheat, really. Next month's colours are yellow and orange, so I'm bridging the gap between this month and next with this: Dontcha just love those hot summer colours. Here's hoping we get a bit of hot summer to go with it. I'm a bit naffed off on the Colinette front. I do realise that it's my own fault, but that doesn't help - does it ever? I'm nearly finished Robin which, if this page is the same as I copied (if you see what I mean) is the little T-shirt at the top of left of the page. Now, I was a bit sceptical when it said 2 skeins, so I bought 3. Did I check the dye lots? No. Does that make me a twerp? Yes. Take a look at this -


Anonymous Mhairi said...

Am doing swan, and adjusting pattern like mad otherwise my sister will be getting a long coat instead of a short cardi!
Personally I think the haphazard way that it knits up is part of the attraction, I like all bits here and there.
Still don't have the heart to frog my Robin and start again, but will need to do something!
I think the Colinette patterns are all over the place, and am glad I'm not a complete beginner otherwise would've given up.

5:27 pm  

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