Friday, April 07, 2006

Counting sheep

Leastways they are obviously good at number recognition in the Dales. Wish I'd had the camera with me last weekend- all these ewes and lambs with numbers spray painted on their sides. Wonder if we should do that for the Nursery outing - stamp the nursery name and 'phone number across foreheads in case of sprogs (and parents....)going AWOL. Hmmm.

Hasn't been much progress on the assignment front this week - Self and intersubjectivity, or summat like that. I'll have to knuckle under next week. On the knitting front - I've started a non-yellow/orange piece of knitting. Paloma has a combo of colourwork and cables. My colourway is a wee bit different from the one on the website. And just look at that tangled mess those 'workable lengths'. I hate working with bobbins, but I don't really like this either. In fact, I'm not sure I like knitting with different colours.....oh well. I'm knitting it on 4.5mm pins, but as it's 'one size'll fit an elephant', I'm sure it's still going to be on the baggy side. The moss stich at the base gets folded over as a hem. I'm going to redo that bit in the dark grey. I'm not much impressed with the pattern - it's photocopied sheets and the colourwork chart is hand drawn. I din't think about it much until I saw the great quality of the pattern for St Aula . I think my pattern expectations have just gone up another notch - especially when I'm paying hard earned cash for it.

Off for a night on the tiles with some knitting buddies tonight. Contrary to what Mr India believes, we do actually get a bit of knitting done....Looking forward to seeing Jill's ring. Wonder if she's still at the 'holding it out at arms length, wiggly hand from side-to-side and giving big, happy sighs' stage?



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