Monday, April 03, 2006

UP hill and down dale

Although, I have to say, it all felt like up to me. Guess that's what comes of being unfit. Still, I managed the 10,000k - steps that is, not km.

Mr India and I are determined to get just a wee bit fitter. As part of that master plan, we try to do 10,000 steps a day. Now, I realise that in the big scheme this is paltry, but every little helps, right. Right? So, to celebrate the start of the Easter break, we went here . I thin kwe only did about 4 miles all in all, but most of it seemed to be vertical, so I figure that it probably counts for triple. Best of all, I was able to walk in relative peace and harmony, 'cos there were none of these . Don't tell me that they're harmless. I know otherwise. Believe me. anyway, we had a great walk and then I found a signed copy of Tudor Rose by, whisper it, Alice Starmore. Complete with dedication, signed by the lady herself. Now, it has some beautiful patterns in it, but I decided that £50.00 was a bit of a laugh and a joke. SO, I managed to restrain myself quite easily.

Have I shown you this, completed, before? Well, almost complete. I just can't face redoing those armholes. Pathetic. Almost wearaable. I think I'll give myself a deadline. One arm, unpicked, by Wednesday evening. Shouldn't be too hard to achieve....

I'm going to be knitting something in Louisa Harding's Impression for this month's Project Spectrum knitting. This month's colours are yellow and orange. Ok, Ok - I know I'm stretching it a bit, but if you look at shade Number 8, you will see some yellow in it.

My aim to take over the world with spinners came nearer to fruition today. One of my fellow kniiting meetup attendees decided to learn to spin. Poor soul happened to mention it within my hearing. A fun time was had by all. Well, by me anyway. I think that L enjoyed it - leastways she was smiling as she left with her first skein of handspun in her hands. I've never taught anyone to spin with a wheel before, usually it's spindle first. It's a bit odd, first time round. I had to keep doing a bit myself, describing to both of us what I was doing as I was doing it. Seemed to work, though. Wonder if TwistFibre will be getting a call anytime soon?

Right, off for a bit of knittiotherapy. cya


Blogger Kathleen said...

Your cardigan looks lovely. Have I missed something about the sleeve caps/ armholes? Are they not cooperating?
As for Project Spectrum, I've a baggy orange jumper I can lend you, as long as you finish it for me ;-)
Hope to see you on Friday. x K

1:17 pm  
Blogger Midsummer night's knitter said...

Yep, KAthleen - it's been finished for ages, but I don't like the result on the sleeve caps. And I'm being very lazt about resweing them...

7:54 pm  

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