Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A bum note

I don't expect 'somethin' for nothin'. ' Nope. No way. No how. A fair price for a fair product - that's why I try to shop ethically when/where I can. Is it too much to expect to be served food that isn't mouldy? Is it too much to be given an accurate bill?

After our knitting meetup tonight, in a different venue from the norm, we were given a bill that just didn't add up - despite members of the group adding it 3 times. We were short of a grand total of £1.20. I suggested to the waitress that we just hand over what we had, minus the £1.20. No - not acceptable. I pointed out the fact that we had been served mouldy food - 'But you weren't charged.' was the reply - that's because I didn't EAT IT. The member of our group who did accept a replacement was charged the full price. There was no offer of compensation - not a drink of water, not a dessert, not a reduction in the bill. Perhaps the offer would have been accepted, Perhaps not. I just don't think it's acceptable to serve food of that appalling standard. It certainly isn't acceptable to avoid any kind of recompense.

So, given that I was perfectly polite about my comments to the waitress,why am I left feeling that I am the one at fault?


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