Sunday, April 30, 2006

Here is the muse


As I was busy Kitchenering these little beauties the other day, India's feet modelling turquoise cabled socks, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino BabyI thought how much easier life would be if closure could always be achieved so easily. After all, most of life's ups and downs and various problems involve a variety of threads. Just being able to weave all the ends in to a harmonious whole would lighten the load for most of us. Enough musing, already.

This Sunday's knitting meet up was kindly hosted by one of the group, since our usual venue was out of action. A great time was had by all, I think it fair to say, with the homemade goodies going down particularly well. My knit of choice for the day was another of those little projects that I made a trip to the States for. Took me all of 90 seconds this time. I had hoped to knit it in Rowan Wool Cotton, which I reckoned was pretty close to the yarn recommended. However, I'm knitting it in Debbie Bliss Cotton tee-shirt top. Half finished, lacy panel at neckline, knat down to waist level. Although I love the colour (nothing like it appears here, naturally!) and feel of the yarn, it splits very easily, so I'm not sure how durable it will prove to be. The socks, however, I am delighted with. Knit in Cashmerino Baby, I am sure they will pill, but I don't care. I knat them on 3mm bamboo DPNs, instead of the recommended 3.25mm, and carried the cable right down to the toes, instead of stopping at the ankle. They are soooo comfortable that I'm about to do another pair in pale green. An everyday sock for wearing around the house to relax in.

Speaking of not relaxing, in other words going to work, how do y'all fancy commuting in this baby? small helicopter hiding in the grass Mr India and I spotted it while we were out walking last weekend. Never mind being a 2 or 3 car family. It seems that a paraffin budgie is what the discerning family need to get about these days.

and, finally, in this bitty little blog, here is a little pic to gladden your heart if you've had a grey day, weather or otherwise. little pot of pink and blue spring flowers Have to say my heart was getting a tad frustrated trying to post this and the helicopter pic - in the end I had to save this post as a draft, close it down, open up another page, upload the pics to that, reopen this one and finally cut and paste them here. Bet you needed to know that?. Anyway, enjoy the spring weather


Blogger Poshyarns said...

I love that top, I've seen it on another blog recently, I'll be watching your progress. I have used the Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere several times for children's sweaters and like you found the splitting rather annoying. It has actually worn surpisingly well, I have machine washed (on the wool cycle) and one sweater in particular has been washed weekly and now in its second year.

By the way, I think you're right about the knitted cakes being bad for yarn diets, I've just sinned in my LYS.

1:05 pm  
Blogger ambermoggie said...

love the socks:) And I adore Rocky horror show.

5:08 pm  
Anonymous mhairi said...

Looking at the parrafin budgie - it reminds me of carpool conversations at 7am, stuck on the "blessed " M8.
The socks look good, especialy to someone with a bad cold and in need of cosy knitwear for feet!.
!'m off to Curious Yarns to order another of their kits for me this time!
PS - sweater is looking good too, colour is lovely!

6:25 pm  

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