Thursday, April 20, 2006


Yep, that's me. When it comes to new technology, I'm a regular brontosaurus. It worries me a bit. Well, a lot to be honest. Is it an age thing? Am I too dependent on My son? My husband? Any random 3 year old who can work a pc better than me?

Having been an independent woman for years, I have slowly sunk into the quagmire of having Mr India deal with most things - bills, technology, DIY. I need to get off my A** and do a bit more. Today, I have been stumped by my iPOD shuffle. When I bought it last year I made a big mistake. I let my son load music onto it. Consequently I haven't a clue what to do. YOu would have laughed if you had seen me trying to subscribe to some podcasts today. I , meantime, wanted to cry.

So, nothing for it, but RTFM - read the flippin' manual. I decided to go right back to basics and install the thing. And maybe, just maybe, that's been the problem. I think that my son uploaded music without it being properly installed (is that possible?). Anyway, I am now able to get the podcasts into iTunes. Whether or not I'll be able to transfer them to this little widget is another matter. But I'll keep iPlodding along.

Some time later.....
Well, I think that I now have 2 podcasts on my iPod. I don't want to count my chickens, though. In the meantime, I am going to leave it plugged into the pc to become fully charged while I get stuck in (bleh!) to some studying for the ol' assignment. If I'm a good girl (!) I will reward myself with a spot of knitting and podcast-listening later. I'm in the middle of these fabulous socks . Knit in Baby Cashmerino, turquoise, they are soooo soft and I'm just lovin' knitting them.


Blogger gw said...

Those Shuffles! Mine has a mind of its own. And when I plug it in to charge I get plaintive messages about my USB port not being fast enough or something, but it does the job eventually anyway. but as the mainframe man (38 years and counting) doesn't fo that sort of technology, I'm kind of on my own. Quite right too?

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