Thursday, June 01, 2006

Peace like a River....?

Hmmm. Not Quite. Not when I kept getting the pattern just a little bit wrong, but enough to make a big difference. Not when I had an assignment screaming to me from the study. And most definitely not after this - petrol blue  handknit shawl in progress, draped over radiator so wave pattern can be seen Silly so-and-so that I ma, took this pic and then LEFT THE KNITTING WHERE IT WAS. My blood ran cold when I read about a furry friend (or maybe it was two?) destroying a whole load of knit up KSH.And I had left River on the radiator in the company of these two gals........ two siamese cats looking guilty. Fortunately I did not break any bones as I hurtled down the (very narrow) stairs. Even more fortunately, les filles hadn't noticed the temptation staring them in the face.Whew. If you look (not even too closely) you will see where I had made the mistakes near the beginning. Ho hum. It's for me, it's good enough.

By the way, where have you guys put my blog entries? What? Not you? Well, a couple have gone somewhere. They're not under the bed with the dust bunnies. They're not sunning themselves in the garden (well, they couldn't - it's raining). So. WHere are they? Guess that'll remain a mystery, then


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