Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Essex Girl

One of the (many) wonderful things about my husband is the way that he understands what might, for some, be some major eccentricities. Last weekend wasn't too bad, though - just another major trip down memory lane.

Although I was born and brought up in Scotland, from about age 1 to age 6 I lived in Wales, Sculthorpe (Norfolk) and Great Dunmow. Dunmow is where I have my second-oldest memories. When we visited about 4 years ago, it became clear that the complex was an old insitution of some sort - what we didn't realise is that it was in fact a workhouse . When we lived there it was no des res, let me tell you - it did have the luxury of an indoor toilet, but a bath meant sharing the tin one with my brother. Once a week, I imagine, probably at the weekend. As I wondered around the buildings the memories came flooding back. Overwhelming, really.

Next was a wander around Waldgrooms, where we went up in the world upon leaving the workhouse. Had a great knatter with a neighbour who lived there when I was a wee lass. It was great to have my memories confirmed. I also had one or two little surprises, but I'm keeping those to myself.... :0)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


I don't often go to demos, but I'm off to join the Shambolic Warriors from Glasgow Buddhist Centre as they participate in Scotland's walk for peace .

Hope the rains stays off. Tioraidh

Monday, September 11, 2006

Real food, real fast

( By the way, if you are hungry, you might not want to read the firstparagraph) I love macaroni and cheese. Not the plastic mac'n'cheese that our American cousins 'like', but the real deal. Made with a roux-based cheese sauce, mature cheddar, parmesan crisped to a golden crust on top. Just like this.photo of home made macaroni and cheese, topped with tomatoes, parmesan and parsely As you can see, I like to add some tomatoes.Mmmmm, When I remember, or have the will power, I freeze a couple of portions, so on buzy days (or ones where a drill is grinding into my eye orbit, yet I don't actually have projectile vomitting) I can just defrost, top and go. So I did. And it was great. And as an added bonus, it comes up easy if the projectile vomitting creeps up on me. Sorry. That was real gross. And uncalled for. I know. SOmetimes I am so immature

bobbin of dark violet/grey merino/tencel spun singles A little spinning has been done of late, and I have proof. This is a merino/tencel blend, bought from Carol and Pete . It finally drove me to start spinning from the fold which I have resisted for a long, long, long time. However, the fibre is so slippery, it was impossible to do anything else. This may well be the last merino I purchase, until the mulesing debate is over. No matter which way you look at it, removing a big chunk of skin without anaesthesia is just plain wrong. Now, I'm not saying that leaving the sheep to die from fly strike is ok, but there must be a better way of dealing with the problem.

How's the migraine going? Well, it's going and today has not been a good one. I'm at a strange point where I am in a fair bit of pain but I can function on a basic level. SO, it will either get better today, or it won't. Hey, who said I cana't state the bleedin' obvious???

Finally, here is a gratuitous kitty pic - aren't they just great? That kind of harmony could ease the path of world peace....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Even though....


I've brought him up to live his own life
It's what he wants to do
It's what I want for him
It's what 99% of parents want for their child
He'll be happy
He's getting on in the world
I don't want him wasting his life away
Many children don't get this chance.....
My son has just gone back to university and my heart is bent right out of shape.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop


I think all the kind thoughts must be working - the past few days have not been too bad. BUt I can't relax about it - I really am waiting for the migraine from Hell. It's coming. I can feel it.

However, I did get through an UNANNOUNCED, yep, you read it correctly, an UNANNOUNCED visit from the Care Commision. In Scotland, care homes and nurseries are regulated by this body, receiving an annual visit. Sometimes it is unannounced. Now, it's my own fault, because I kept rabbitting on about how unnanounced visits are better - less stress, realistic view of the establishment, yadda yadda yadda. Certainly got what I asked for!

I have some knitting news - finished The Somewhat Cowl. And very please I am with it, too. I had to alter it a fair bit - no matter how I tried, I couldn't get the tension right. So, this is not as good as I would like it to be - it's a bit tight across the chest. Also, depsite trying it on frequently, and measuring, too, I haven't got the cowl part long enough. So, I will definitely knit it again, same alterations as before but taking into account the improvements I want to make. It's not the best picture - I look pretty shapeless, but in 'real life' (whatever that is), it looks just fine.

Off to a wedding today. Jill, known to us Scottish Rowanettes, is tying the knot this afternoon. Looking forward to meeting Mr Kathleen and Mr Heather at the bash. I just have one problem that I'm wrestling with. KNitting - take itor not??? Now, I'm sure that Jill would understand. BUt I think that Mr Jill might not. Hmm. Tricky one....

So, better go and get sorted. Dear son is going off to uni again today (wracking sobs) and we need to get him sorted before we can go. Thanks again, and again, for all the good wishes.

Friday, September 08, 2006

There are no strangers....

...just knitters I haven't met yet.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and good wishes which you have been sending me. I really appreciate it. India

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Had a visit to the neurologist.

Long story short - can't take tryptan-based drugs at the moment because of other issues. Can no longer take propanolol as a preventer (ok, so it hasn't been wonderful BUT IT WAS FREAKIN' SOMETHIN!!!!!). No longer allowed to take codeine - apparently I've had toomuch and this is what is causing the constant pain.

So, I hear the observant amongst you ask, what the f*** am I supposed to do when I have a freakin' MIGRAINE?????

Answer - take 2 paracetamols. And then go to bed.

I'm off to lie in a darkened room . I may be some time several years.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oops, I forgot....

....and these biscuits - aren't they great?! sun, watermelon flip-flop  icing-coated biscuits Shrink-wrapped, so still in perfect, edible goodness, mmm -mmm


Time to reveal to you guys who my SP is - I've known for a long time, eh, Jenn??? :0) aka Knit Wit Momma . Here's a pic of the last box - isn't it great ?

For your, ok, MY, delectation, there is:
Koigu KPPM (yeehah!)
Purple Silk & Wool laceweight (I want to say Zepphry, but I think it's something else and I don't have the box with me)
Some gee-or-geous Pinewood coloured sock yarn , which is apparently a close match to the Pinewoods where Jenn lives. Lucky gal.
Some bee-y-oo-tiful fibre for spinning
Brittany double points - well, a gal ( or guy) just can't have enough!)
Laura Ashley Notelets and fridge magnets
Some lovely aromatic sweets in an even lovelier tin ( I foresee many a stitchmarker finding a home in there)
Some of Knit Wit Momma's very own stitchmarkers
A card in which some lovely things about my blog are written
And last, but by no means least, some American sweets (candy).
Phew, exhausted just writing that list. Thank you, thank you, thank you, SP8!

MY spoilee was Bobbie at Krafty 1. I sure hope she liked what I sent.