Sunday, January 29, 2006

Look VERY closely....

.... and you will see a robin on top of that there piece of topiary. I've tried doing a close-up croppy thing, but as you can see, I failed miserably.

We don't get many bright sunny days in this neck of the wood, especially at this time of year, so decided to make the most of it. As you can see, Spring is springing.
But don't be fooled - take a look at the ice on this pond.

I suspect that a front view of this lady would also show its own picture of the ambient temperature....

Life has continued to have its ups and downs. The insurance company have decided to write my car off. I was very unimpressed with the paltry sum that they have offered me, but nothing to be done there. When we went to recover my possessions it soon became apparent that there was much more damage than met the eye - which just served to confirm that I was right not to wait in the vehicle. So, I am now the proud and somewhat nervous owner of a brand new car. Let's hope that my luck is a bit better - though it could be argued that in escaping without so much as a scratch on my person, I've had very good luck indeed.

Not much to report on the knitting front, except this: a crochet flower in Artesano Alpaca and KidSilk Haze, embellished with beads. There's a brooch pin on the back to allow me to pin it where I darn well like. In this case, on a piece of brown satin ribbon, worn as a choker. The extra Noro Blossom finally arrived, so I can get on with that. I must get some ribbon for the inside. I've decided to reinforce the inside of cardis and jumpers with ribbon sewn along the inside shoulder and neck line - I'll show you what I mean next time I have the camera out.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Nasty experience last night - car broke down on the crest of a bridge on a dual carriageway. No Mobile. No way of getting away from the car. Very scary.

Fortunately, a very kind lady reversed her car up to mine, so I managed to get out the passenger door, into her car and away. The police and AA were duly 'phoned, but two people still rammed my car. Fortunately no-one was hurt. Apparently I was meant to have stayed with my vehicle. There was nowhere for me to wait in safetly, either in the car or out. Being in the car would not have prevented the accident (the hazards were on and I was visible at the top of the hill). The only outcome I can see of me staying in the car would have been my serious injury. Or death.But hey - I would've still been with my car......

Monday, January 23, 2006

Going for main engine start

Bobbin in - Check!
Machine threaded - Check!
Garment loaded - Check!
Presser foot down - Check!
"Houston Calling Zipper 1. Do you have a problem? Repeat, Do you have a Problem? Over."
"This is Zipper 1 calling Houston. Wrong zipper foot on. Request change and restart."
"Confirmed, Zipper 1, Houston over and out."
......Presser foot down, Check!
Power supply - foot pedal.Check!
Go for main engine start.
5,4,3,2,1......We have main engine start - Zipper 1 breaks away from the launch pad. It looks tight, retro rockets firing.......this is a really tense moment, the reverse button has worked....YES!! Successful premier launch - Zipper 1 has completed the mission, touched down safely and THE.ZIP.IS.IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


MMM> Iknow that BloggPoll is a free survery - but since when is it okay to put a sex ad in the adverts! I SHALL be complaining - when I work out how!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

? Sacrifice time

I've been , erm, somewhat unwell, again. I won't go into the detail, you'll be relieved to know, 'cept to say I spent lots of time in the smallest room and needed another visit from the GP. I figure out, therefore, that I have done something to offend the gods. Which ones, though? Do I sacrifice: a few hours knitting ulp! to appease the holiest of then all, the fibre goddess; or that half-finished bar of Green and Black to get on the good side of the chocoholics' supreme deity? Nope. It was the Kitchen God that I offended. Clearly. Everything was fine before I cleaned the cooker. Obviously a certain amount of charcoal and burnt-on grease is the order of the day and I would do well to remember that. Don't worry. I will.

I also have to confess to having had Mr India compete this entry for me, after much ranting gentle persausion from the deathbed sofa that I am expiring recovering on. Hope he does a good job....

I can no longer visit all of my listed fellow-bloggers if I have a spare 10 minutes - the list is growing so much that I am starting to do it in shifts - there is a careful balance to be struck between reading about knitting, blogging about it and actually doing it. I've just added Grumperina, since she seems to be a technical whiz. Hope some of it rubs off on me.

Thought I'd better provide a little proof of the current knitting. Here goes. First up, evidence that I am indeed on Sock Number Two - my picture editing skills do NOT allow me to cut and paste one sock to make two. Believe me.

Next up, Eloise, in Noro Blossom. You probably can't tell, but the close-up is an attempt to show the difference between stocking-stitch and its reverse. I definitely think that this yarn is at its best in the reverse. Wonder if I can persaude Mr India that I need a digital photography course to enhance my blogging? Vote now - it's in the sidebar

I've also remembered to take a shot or two of my latest handspun, before and after making it into a centre-pull ball. It was a bit fiddly, due to the terrible job slight inconsistencies in some of the spinning. Ho hum. Anyway, get voting - it's in the sidebar!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I ran out of daylight before I could take a picture of my new drumcarder and newly-spun fibre. I can never decide whether or not to use the flash. This time, the flash made a not bad job, if you forget about the fact that the blend is far more autumnal, much less pink.  close up view of singles yarns in rust, pink, brown, orange, yellow Here's the drumcarder hiding behind a newly-carded bat - must try to get a daylight picture of the fibre, it's so much nicer. bad photo' of drum carder with carded fibre in foreground The orange glow completely masks the array of browns, rusts, yellows, pinks and a hint of green. Maybe a combination of both these snaps would show the true colors? When the yarn grows up it's going to be a singles scarf.

On the entertainment front, I really wish I liked Fairport Convention. No, I really wish I liked them. Last night I had to endure more than an hour of them at the Celtic Connections Festival. I have what I would regard as a reasonably catholic (small'c' intended) taste in music, but I just cannot get into this group. I could see that everyone else was thoroughly enjoying themselves, and as musicians they weren't half bad, but I was still in a little bubble of my own. Still, Mr India has come along to many things (including Rocky Horror - twice) that he would rather have given a miss, so I took refuge in a bit of mental fibre craft and the evening dragged hellishly on soon passed.

I'm still working on sock number two but have also added a cardi in Noro Blossom - I needed a little something I didn't have to think about. On the blogging front, I am considering whether or not I should have my pics of Aragorn actually on my blog - I didn't see a copyright notice, but have a sneaking suspicion I am probably breaking copyright somewhere. In the meantime, I am going to remove him (sob!) and add a link at some point.....

Now I'm off to soak in some bubbles in readiness for Luca at 8.00pm - don't ya just love it when ER is back?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I know I'm unwell when...


....I'm not able to knit. Anyone who suffers from migraines will know that it is not just a headache. My normal meds didn't work, but fortunately a very nice doctor came out and stuck a needle in me. I wasn't convinced even then, because I've been so doped up on opiates in the past that I couldn't walk, but the pain wasn't reduced in the slightest. Fortunately it worked this time. Unfortunately I wasn't fit for work and I'm not able to go to my Wednesday knitting group.

As I'm now a member of a spinning BlogRing, thought I should put some spinning up. close up of skein of deep crimson handspun merino silk blend This, as the label states, is a merino/silk blend, purchased from the Scottish Fibres stall at Woolfest last June. Hard to tell from the pic, but it has a lovely sheen and a very soft hand (if that's the right term). It's probably going to be a Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style , which is simple feather and fan.

In amongst the work and study, I've also been looking after my son, who has been really unwell with the 'flu and an ear infection - no matter how old he gets, I still hate to see him unwell. His girlfriend came to stay for a couple of days, and very nice she is, too. I'm not going to meddle, but would very happy if this relationship lasts, but early days yet. The cats, meanwhile, have been having a lazy time, as usual. Here's Athyr using my DH as a perching post. photo' of chocolate siamese cat sitting on my husband's knee Usually both of them can be found there, but Isis was too quick off the mark. Got her later though - photo' of two siamese cats snuggled up together in a radiator's a cat's life!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


It's strange the things you end up doing when you can't sleep. Like work out how to make a button. Here's my first one. What d'you think?

It's a start, nothing too fancy just yet. The real problem was working out how to get it into my sidebar, but as you can see, I have succeeded. Ditto for the knitting pic. Well, thought I had. The button went in fine, although I'm not sure about placement. The picture made the whole sidebar disappear. Wonder if I could risk waking DH up for really important question about HTML code what time he's set his alarm for........?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

new it wouldn't last ;0(

Gordon Bennet. GORDON BENNET!!!!!!!!! There, that's better - I needed a good bellow. Put the final finishing touches to my Gaelic assignment, due tomorrow, did the sound recording, sent it winging its way down the 'phone line spent the next 2 hours trying to convert the soundfiles into various hook and eye, belts, buttons and Velcro closures, when I suddenly realised that I needed - a ZIP (second one in 2 days, but that's another story), Having finally tried that, the PC spent 10 minutes with steam coming out of its ears (really) before disolving into a sweaty puddle on the floor... Now I am wondering what's wrong with good old fashioned pen and paper - this computer malarky is fine when it's working Don't suppose it was worth listening to, anyway. Going to console myself with this: - Removed pick while checking the copyright on pic :0(

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yeehah - it's done!!!!

And so am I! With only 61 words to spare, I just have to proof read it and do any last-minute tarting up. I'm not feeling particularly confident about it, but I suppose if I get it back for resubmission I will scream, rip the darn thing up and stomp all over it won't mind too much.

Partial success on the Camera front, Heather. It may be short lived as I now have to find out where I put the charger. One step at a time, eh?

So, for you delectation, or otherwise, here's my latest aquisition. pair of pink Doc Martin Boots,black laces. I tried to buy a pair of red Kickers but was too impatient to wait until MARCH 06, for goodness sake! So, a pair of navy ones are winging their way, too.

And, just to prove that it wasn't a ruse here's a snap of the first sock sock knitted from space-dyed yarn,modelled on foot knitting needles still in place on toes. complete with kneedles - going to Kitchener tonight. I wasn't happy with it to begin with - the picot edging seemed to make it WAY too wide. However, the picot edging comes far enough up (just past the top of those lovely Docs) that it isn't a problem. Question: will I manage to finish number 2? Answer: Your guess is better than as good as mine.

Now off to get merrily pickled and maybe, just maybe, do a little spinning - the final part of my Gaelic assignment can just jolly well wait ;0)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Just where is that safe place?


You know, the one where I left my camera. I know it's here somewhere. I'll no doubt find it in the last place I look.

In the meantime, here's a snap taken on the way up to Skye.

How's your knitting going? I just (!) have to sew up chocolate lime, put a zip in and, Bob's yer auntie, all done. I know, I know, no proof - believe me, the camera thing isn't a ruse to enable me to shoot up the 'finish before you start a new project' ratings. It's done. Honest.Mind you, the number of hours I've been slaving away here, I don't know how I managed. Still, I have started a 'Jaywalker' sock inspired by Woolywarbler. In Lorna's Laces Shepherd stufff,I solemnly promise to FINISH THE PAIR!

Kathleen meanwhile, has been a wee jetsetter. Christmas in Vienna. Jealous? Me? I'm off for more of the assignmnet - much better than watching tv, drinking wine, eating chocolate and knitting....