Sunday, November 27, 2005

'S e eilean breagha a th'ann

Talking about An t-Eilean Sgitheanach, of course, as us Gaelic speakers call it... Well, it's what someone who has beagan Gaidhlig calls/spells it. You've no idea what a difficult language it is - and don't tell me that 2 year old kids can speak it. Spent the weekend up at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the Gaelic College on Skye, and as usual was completely swept away by the scenery. I'm undertaking a distance learning course and as well as weekly 'phone tutorials there are 2 weekend courses as part of each Earran. Now reminding myself that I'm lucky to have a job, even though it's not on Skye.... On the knitting front, took Clapotis with me, one of the 1001 knits. Also finished the multi-directional scarf for my DH (amongst many a dark hint about being grateful for ALL gifts received at Christmas, and isn't it WONDERFUL when someone spends TIME creating a MASTERPIECE for their loved one). Wonder if he's guessed what he's getting? Pics coming soon, but I need to toddle off to bed - even sharing the driving doesn't make an 8-hour-journey-in-the-dark-on-windy-roads-with-snow-and-ice relaxing.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

tee-hee - look what I did

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Kitty pics and knitting hell

Heyy!!!!!!!!! At last, that gratuitous kitty pic - isn't she a little darling? This pic is actually a bit out of date - well about 18 months, I reckon. She's much darker now. Her Majesty's name is Athyr. As was once said (by whom??) dogs have owners, cats have slaves. Particularly true of Siamese, even more so with this one - my husband is wrapped round each of her velvety paws. So, Athyr is the cute one - here's the elegant one, Isis. Admittedly, not such a good shot. This little lady is a chocolate tabby-point, her sibling being (?merely) a chocolate point. Anyway, back to knitting. Got a fair bit done at home last night -working on a multidirectional scarf for my DH (sneaky pic coming soon - it's for his Christamas, whether he wants it or not) I'm sure he'll wear it - Hell hath no fury like a knitter scorned.... Another WIP - tempted to say'Weeping in Progress'. My knitting has been all to Hell lately. This is a short sleeve, not a hat which it seems to be doing a good enough impersonation of. It's fine, so is it's twin, which I cunningly knat* at the same time (then at least the mistakes are the same), the fronts, plural, are fine - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE BACK?????? It's been up and down more times than ....I care to think of, and it's still all wrong. Tension. Aptly.Named. By the way, if you do happen to zoom into the knitting pic, you'll notice I did a provisional cast-on - the original one was causing the work to pucker, so I'll pick up and knit a picot edging on a slightly larger pin. Simple, but I like it........Off to do some knitting..........need to study HTML code so I can get some hard breaks instead of dots in here......... *I've always felt that the past tense of 'knit' should be 'knat' - and as this is my blog, it's darn well going to be ....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

1001 knits

aka, works in progress. I was recently 'interviewed' via the telephone for an article all about how hip 'n' trendy knitting has now become (it's ok, I'm not letting a little thing like being fashionable put me off). I nearly fell off my chair when she asked what project (singular) I was currently working on. Not met many real knitters, then? Not any honest ones at any rate...Where shall I start - not the beginning, 'cos I can't find that - buried beneath all my stash. There certainly isn't and end to it, so I must be somehwere in the middle. How about a wee pic of a skinny scarf in the oh-so-touchable-snuggle-up -to-able Alpaca Silk (Debbie Bliss). A wee confession here. The yarn was bought from my pal atK1 Yarns but I got the idea from erm, a somewhat similar scarf I saw at TwistFibreCraft. Something to do with having, unsually, spent all my money and couldn't afford another thing.... THIS little beauty (notice those little beads, artfully placed in the fringing?) Really beautiful picture of pink scarf, in trellis effect with blue and purple beading on a fringe is, alas, alack, not for me! I can't bear it - I have to keep taking it out, touching it and repeating to myself (in a hushed whisper)"It's not for you, It's NOT for you, It's not FOR you, It's not for YOU, ITS NOT FOR YOU!!!!" "But it's my precious, and I wants it...." luckily for the recipient, I mean me, I think I just have enough to make another. This is why I don't usually knit for other folk - I'm too damn GREEDY. This little number is Colinette yarn,once again from K1 Yarns Paws for gratuitous kitty pics Hmmmmm gratuitous kitty pic hasn't appeared... ok, try again later. How about a pic of Aragorn instead - nothing gratuitous about him! Nope. doesn't want to do it. Methinks I shall have end this post here and come back woth more knitpics when I've figure out what's wrong. Tioraidh an-drasta!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Picture this....

For your delectation, or otherwise, have a peep at my first attempt at - A Using my digital camera, B putting the picture into the text. There's more to this digital camera thing than meets the eye. Never mind that I'll never be David Bailey (thankfully that hormone treatment is working...) and my c***** photo fails utterly to convey the subtle intricacy (!) of the design, have you any idea how long it took me to get the pictures within a few miles of where I wanted them ? Anyway, I digress. This first knitted item, modelled by my living room floor, is a Celtic Cap, one of the fine patterns from Girl from Auntie, It's a shame that there can't be 'touchavision' over the web (although I can think of one or two good reasons why NOT to have it) 'cos this yarn is soooooooooo soft. As you will see from the label, some chap up on Orkney has a bunny famr. For those of you who don't want to go that far, you can by it from a friend of mine at K1 Yarns I think it would be fairer to say that Katherine is my dealer - after all, she starts people off for nothing (free knitting lessons) and then before you know it, you're hooked, sneaking into the shop, furtive glances over the shoulder, fondling the yarn in a frenzy before dashing home to add it to your stash. What, it's only me who does that???? Right, I'm off to work out these link-thingies again before my latest fix - will it be that Colinette yarn in hot pinks and oranges or the fudgey Summer Tweed ????

Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's all YOUR fault, K......

For those of you who don't appreciate my wit, or lack of it, blame KED KRAFTY. There I was, happily spending most of my waking hours (not to mention dreamtime) thinking about knitting, preparing to think about knitting, preparing to knit, sneaking in and out of other bloggers' blogs, and yes, sometimes actually getting TIME to knit, but it seems that was not, I've finally given in and here is Twelfth Knit in all its gory, erm, glory. Course, I've still got to learn how to do those sneaky little link things (less time for knitting...) work out who should be able to post (less time for knitting...) master the digital camera (less time for knitting....). So all in all, by the time I work out How TO Blog About Knitting, I'll Have No Knitting TO Blog About . I'll also be failing to find time to spin, weave and dye and so will no doubt be blogging about those failures too. So here goes....