Friday, August 17, 2007

Whaddaya mean, get off the laundry?

As you can see, our Blue likes her creature comforts.
And I can kind of see her point. There is a perfectly good cat hammock purposefully placed to dream the days away in, next to a warm radiator - but it is usually occupied by Isis.
And Blue aint nobody's fool - a row from me v head bitten off by cat.
Which would you choose ?

Edit: Number Guy says he'd take his chances with the cat. Bloomin' cheek.

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What's your 'JFK' moment....?

You know, for those of us who don't have one, what's your equivalent 'significant world event'?

Me - the death of Elvis. I still remember clearly being told by my mum. I was 11 years old, due to start High School in a day or so. I'd been out playing with a friend and rushed into the house for something. Even then, only 11, I could tell that my mum had some bad news for me. I guess she must've agonised over how to break it to me. I was devastated. It didn't help that my friend had no idea of the mortal blow just dealt, insisting that we hurry up back to our game.

Thirty years on, and I'm still saddened by his demise. I guess he was no different to the stars of today who, despite having so much material wealth, are desolate within.

He sure had feet of clay, but he'll always be The King to me.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

I blame Heather.

After reading a recent post comment from Heather , and talking to the vet (more about that later), I decided to throw caution - and cats - to the wind, Here is the result:

All I can say is that Blue is lucky that the other cats are generally decent beasts - they have growled, hissed and looked exceedingly mean. But that's all. When she got too cheeky, they simply ran away.

For some unexplicable reason they decided that today was the day to get a bit closer....I wasn't quick enough here, but as you can probably guess, the three cats were on Number Guy's knee (though I think he was wishing that he was wearing, ahem, some sort of protection).

I am glad that Athyr has relaxed a bit - we can add another £33.00 to the cost of the kitten, since poor Athry developed a 'stress-induced' colitis(Wonder why that was.....?) hence the visit to our local vet. Since that cats were much more subdued than usual, it wasn't easy to tell that she was off-colour. And since they eat together, it was hard to tell that she hadn't been - eating, that is. Just as well I'm such an astute person ;0).

Friday, August 10, 2007

Chicken in a basket

Cat on a lead.

There rests a very uneasy peace chez Twelfthknit en ce moment.....One of the problems is that if the other cats aren't threatening to tear her to shreds, Blue thinks she can just leap at them unannounced. Now, the logical part of my brain thinks 'Let then get on with it. One major hissy fit and the groundrules will be sorted out.' Unfortunately, the rest of me is too wimpy for that. So I reckon this may be a bit of a compromise (for me, I realise that!) Blue can have some periods of time near the older cats, but it won't be a free for all. AND it has another distinct advantage - I don't need to worry about her getting into somewhere troublesome if there's no-one to help get her out.

PS - can you see what she's reading? A bit advanced, our Blue...

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Monday, August 06, 2007

May I present....

.....Tamorie WildBlueYonder.

Whadaya mean, you can't see her? She was there a second ago. I had the perfect shot lined up.I paused for a nanosecond before pressing the shutter.....and she was off ....into the wild blue y..... Now you know why we chose her name. We had a bit of prescience. We were I was right.

Blue, as she is to be known, is just a tad tricky to take a picture of. I've been trying to catch her 'Rexness'. This gives just a hint of their silhouette from behind Those ears.....

The Scottish Rex Cat Club has a great logo which just sums the shape up perfectly, IMHO

Some people have likened her to ET....but we won't go there.

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2 Siamese +1 Devon Rex

= distinct lack of harmony.

We brought Blue home about an hour ago - she was fed, watered, given time for a 'comfort break'. The we let the Big Girls in. They're not having it. Nope. Not at all.

Blue, meanwhile, is safely in a run that we originally had for the other two. They, meanwhile, stalk up to the wire for just enough time to hiss and spit at the poor wee blighter before they run away again.

It's gonna be a long few days.

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Do Not Disturb

A large latte, made just the way I like it......some toast slathered with honeycomb....and Rowan 42.
Need I say more....?

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The sad case of the wine-and-yarn in the nighttime...

There I was last night, enjoying a small glass of red wine, admiring the yarn that Alison had sent as the prize for winning a blog competition....

....and what I really want to know is this - why is it times like this that one, erm, chucks the bl**dy stuff all over the place has a minor incident with the wine????? And why is it that while I feel bad enough about spilling wine on YARN, I feel kind of guilty because it has been given to me.....But all is not lost. I am going to overdye it. Instead of the lovely soft pinks and fresh grass, it's going to end coloured, I guess.

Edit: And look here - now you can see why I am SO naffed off with myself. No more being tiddly in charge of great yarn!!!!!

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Shetland Triangle

How many times have you been walking down a street when a perfect stranger comes up to you and thrusts some yarn into your hand? Not any of your common or garden stuff, mind. No scratchy nylon or acrylic, something better. Much better. Like ...cashmere. Yeh, never happens to me, either..

However, a friend of mine did have some cashmere that she needed to rehome ;0) ;0)

I've tried 'enhancing' both of these pictures, but neither of them accurately reflect the deep berry colour. The real shame, though, is that this isn't 'touchivision'. I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of knitting with such wonderful yarn.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

I nearly missed it...


There I was, dipping into a few new blogs when I saw that it is now possible to check where in the queue you are - bet they got fed up with folk moaning ;0) When I clicked the link, I saw that I'd already been sent my invite...on the 23rd of July. Seems the spam filter ate it... I never liked spam. Like it even less now...

Anyway, all is not lost :0) I now have my account. Now I just need some time to play.


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international jet-setter

Well, my green credentials are looking kinda muddy at the moment....2 weekends ago in Zurich, last week in Skye, this week in Berlin. Yep, that's right, I was in Berlin.

We arrived mid-afternoon on Monday and caught the train to Hauptbanhof, the main rail station in the city. You have to be there to appreciate this place, which is on about 6 levels and looks like some futuristic space station, not somewhere to change train. As the train pulled in we saw this amazing sculpture.

I also saw something else incredibly amazing - make that foolish, actually ;0) How many people do you know, when faced with a whole line of German 'riot-police' would slip between them? I mean, wouldn't your natural instinct be to let them pass? Not dive in amongst them, making them break step and glare at you....well, it's not Number Guy's natural instinct. Fortunately they must've decided he was a dumb tourist and not really trying to trip them up...

Following that interlude, we jumped on another train to Tiergarten where we booked into our hotel. Having expected something akin to a Travelodge I was more than delighted with the hotel that had been arranged.

We did some of the usual tourist things, like visitng Checkpoint Charlie I have a few mixed feelings about this, since I know that there is some controversy about the way the Wall and events surrounding it are memorialised. And I can't help but feel that novels about the Cold War have left some of us with 'romanticised' views about this dark era. However, be that as it may, I was very moved by what I read at the Checkpoint and in the museum, as was my son. And that is surely no bad thing....

The other two whole days that we had available were spent at a museum and Berlin Zoo, interspersed with general sight seeing and eating. I also had the opportunity to meet up with Jennifer - typical, isn't it? You go on holiday and meet your friends and neighbours:0)

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