Saturday, August 11, 2007

I blame Heather.

After reading a recent post comment from Heather , and talking to the vet (more about that later), I decided to throw caution - and cats - to the wind, Here is the result:

All I can say is that Blue is lucky that the other cats are generally decent beasts - they have growled, hissed and looked exceedingly mean. But that's all. When she got too cheeky, they simply ran away.

For some unexplicable reason they decided that today was the day to get a bit closer....I wasn't quick enough here, but as you can probably guess, the three cats were on Number Guy's knee (though I think he was wishing that he was wearing, ahem, some sort of protection).

I am glad that Athyr has relaxed a bit - we can add another £33.00 to the cost of the kitten, since poor Athry developed a 'stress-induced' colitis(Wonder why that was.....?) hence the visit to our local vet. Since that cats were much more subdued than usual, it wasn't easy to tell that she was off-colour. And since they eat together, it was hard to tell that she hadn't been - eating, that is. Just as well I'm such an astute person ;0).


Blogger soCherry said...

Every time I see your kitty she makes me smile :)

Loving the pics!

Elaine x

5:28 pm  
Anonymous tash said...

They all look very serene - hopefully that'll be the end of your feline troubles!

11:27 am  
Blogger Flavaknits said...

Such lovely cats - me I'm a moggie type of cat person, but your lovely family have me jealous!

9:08 pm  

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